Facebook Roundup, July 30, 2022


Axios: Scoop: Meta officially cuts funding for news publishers. “Meta on Tuesday began telling its news partners in the U.S. that the company no longer plans to pay publishers for their content to run on Facebook’s News Tab, sources tell Axios. Why it matters: As the company moves forward with sweeping changes to the Facebook experience, news has become less of a priority.” Spending money has become less of a priority.

Bloomberg: Meta repeats why it may be forced to pull Facebook from EU. “Meta Platforms Inc reiterated its warning that it may have no choice but to pull its popular Facebook and Instagram services from the European Union if a new transatlantic data transfer pact doesn’t materialize.”

Engadget: Instagram backpedals on full-screen feed and recommended posts. “Following a significant backlash from its users, Instagram is walking back some major changes.”

CNBC: Meta reports earnings, revenue miss and forecasts second straight quarter of declining sales. “Facebook parent Meta reported a steeper-than-expected drop in revenue, missed on earnings and issued a surprisingly weak forecast pointing to a second consecutive decline in year-over-year sales.”


The Verge: Facebook and Instagram are going to show even more posts from accounts you don’t follow. “Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the company will more than double the amount of content from recommended accounts people see while using Instagram and Facebook by the end of 2023. He said that such recommendations currently account for roughly 15 percent of the content on Facebook, and that the percentage is already higher on Instagram.”

The Verge: Zuckerberg says Meta and Apple are in ‘very deep, philosophical competition’ to build the metaverse. “Mark Zuckerberg believes that Apple and his company are in a ‘very deep, philosophical competition’ to build the metaverse, suggesting the two tech giants are ready to butt heads in selling hardware for augmented and virtual reality.”

NiemanLab: How one Italian newspaper put Facebook “on lockdown” for more than a year. “Giornale di Brescia, one of Italy’s most popular local newspapers, quit Facebook in November 2020. It was not an easy decision: at that time, the company’s Facebook page had more than 200,000 followers and  drove almost 20% of the website’s traffic.”


Reuters: Brazil Prosecutors Ask WhatsApp to Delay Launch of New Tool Until January . “Brazilian prosecutors on Friday called on messaging platform WhatsApp to delay the launch in Brazil of its new feature called Communities until January to avoid the spread of fake news during and immediately after the country’s election in October.”

FTC: FTC Seeks to Block Virtual Reality Giant Meta’s Acquisition of Popular App Creator Within. “The Federal Trade Commission is seeking to block virtual reality giant Meta and its controlling shareholder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg from acquiring Within Unlimited and its popular virtual reality dedicated fitness app, Supernatural.”


Axios: Exclusive: Meta to study race of Instagram users. “The company says it wants to make sure that its products and AI systems operate fairly across racial lines, but feels it can’t do that without better knowing its customers. By working with a third party it aims to both protect privacy and ensure customers are more comfortable sharing their information.”

New York Times: I Was Wrong About Facebook. “I wasn’t just wrong about Facebook; I had the matter exactly backward. Had we all decided to leave Facebook then or at any time since, the internet and perhaps the world might now be a better place. The question of how much better and in what way is a matter of considerable debate. It might be decades before we have any sense of an answer to whether, on balance, Facebook in particular and social networks more generally have improved or ruined society.”

Washington Post: Facebook’s workforce grew more diverse when it embraced remote work. “Facebook was one of an array of companies to dramatically restructure remote work during the coronavirus pandemic, allowing employees to continue working from home while they avoided the spread of covid-19. Now, Facebook Chief Diversity Officer Maxine Williams said there was an unexpected benefit to that workplace overhaul: it helped the company recruit and retain workers from underrepresented groups.”

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