Beyoncé Emoji, Snapchat, Google Play, More: Sunday ResearchBuzz, July 31, 2022


Culture Map Houston: Beyoncé rules the internet with historic Twitter emoji celebrating her wildly anticipated new album. “Now, in honor of the news that broke the internet this summer, Twitter has released a new fandom emoji in honor of Houston’s icon. Notably, this is only the second time ever that Twitter is creating an emoji for a fandom: BTS, the insanely popular K-Pop act, received the first custom fandom emoji in 2017 when the group reached 10 million followers.”

Variety: Snapchat Will Pay Indie Music Artists Up to $100,000 Monthly for Top-Performing Songs. “Snap has announced the Snapchat Sounds Creator Fund: Its first fund designed to support emerging and independent artists who distribute their music on the app via DistroKid.”

TechRadar: You’re finally getting the Google Play Store and apps you deserve. “A new day is coming for your Android apps. Google is implementing new Play Store rules for developers as it attempts to stamp out intrusive ads, impersonators, and VPNService misuse.”


Rest of World: Werewolf erotica is the latest global gig work trend . “The emerging web novel industry spans the globe, taking a business model from Asia, assembling a global supply chain of authors in lower-income countries, and paying them to churn out thousands of words a day for English-speaking readers in the West. Rest of World spoke to four current and former employees at these platforms, who described how the art of novel writing is broken down into a formula to be followed: take a popular theme like werewolves, sprinkle it with certain tropes like a forbidden romance, and write as many chapters as you can.”

Hollywood Reporter: Finding Overlooked Midcentury Beauty in South L.A.. “Frustrated by circular conversations about gentrification with no clear solutions offered, [Jerald] Cooper realized that many people in his community didn’t even know the architectural significance of the buildings around them. ‘You want to save the hood, but what are the basic things that you could know?’ recalls the architecture aficionado of what led to him launching his Instagram account … which documents for its 63,000 followers midcentury modern architecture in Los Angeles, as well as other cities.”

CNN: The online ad market is in decline and it’s dragging down tech giants with it. “Much of contemporary Silicon Valley was built on advertising dollars. That dependence made even the most powerful companies look at least somewhat vulnerable this week after reporting their latest earnings results.”


The Daily Record (Maryland): Database key to judges’ names must be disclosed, Md. high court says. “Maryland’s Administrative Office of the Courts must disclose the alphanumeric key used to identify District Court judges in the public Judiciary Case Search database, the state’s top court ruled Thursday. In its 5-2 decision, the Court of Appeals said disclosing a code that contains otherwise publicly available information – judges’ names – is in keeping with the presumption that court records are open to the public.”

Washington Post: The GOP went to war against Google over spam — and may win. “It’s unclear what impact Google’s spam filters have had on the GOP’s fundraising, if any. Nevertheless, Republicans have waged a pressure campaign that has included public Twitter offensives and private discussions with Google chief executive Sundar Pichai. GOP lawmakers have introduced draft legislation in both chambers of Congress.”

Krebs on Security: A Retrospective on the 2015 Ashley Madison Breach. “The leak led to the public shaming and extortion of many Ashley Madison users, and to at least two suicides. To date, little is publicly known about the perpetrators or the true motivation for the attack. But a recent review of Ashley Madison mentions across Russian cybercrime forums and far-right websites in the months leading up to the hack revealed some previously unreported details that may deserve further scrutiny.”


News@Northeastern: Northeastern Launches AI Ethics Advisory Board To Help Chart A Responsible Future In Artificial Intelligence. “With the AI Ethics Advisory Board, [Cansu] Canca, co-chair of the board and AI ethics lead of the Institute for Experiential AI at Northeastern, and a group of more than 40 experts hope to chart a responsible future for AI.”

GroundUp: Restoring UCT’s burnt archives will take years. “After the flames that gutted the Jagger Library at the University of Cape Town (UCT) on 18 April 2021 were finally extinguished, the archives were thought to be lost….Now, 14 months later, at Maitland House in Mowbray, the painstaking process of rebuilding the collection is underway.”


Hackaday: Launch And Track Your Model Rockets Via Smartphone. “Building and flying model rockets is great fun. Eventually, though, the thrill of the fire and smoke subsides, and you want to know more about what it’s doing in the air. With a thirst for knowledge, [archy587] started building a project to monitor the vital stats of rockets in flight.” Good morning, Internet…

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