Law & Justice Journalism Project, AdObservatory, Caregiving Lifehacks, More: Tuesday ResearchBuzz, August 9, 2022


NiemanLab: The Law & Justice Journalism Project aims to help journalists covering crime and the U.S. legal system. “The impact of bad crime reporting is widespread and it can take years to repair broken trust with audiences. That’s why the Law & Justice Journalism Project is launching: to provide journalists with tools, skills, and resources to improve their coverage of crime, public safety, and the United States legal system.”

NewsWise: New, enhanced provides transparency & insights on digital political spending. “This public, free dashboard provides journalists and researchers with the ability to search digital political ad spending across Meta (formerly Facebook) properties, see visualizations of spending patterns, and search researched topics such as abortion, guns, and immigration. C4D unveiled the new site today in conjunction with the NABJ/NAHJ annual convention in Las Vegas.”

UConn Today: Finding Comfort at Home: New Website Logs Solutions to Everyday Problems for Disabled People and Their Caregivers. “The many uses of that traditionally blue roll are just some of the little life hacks on Mauldin’s new website, Disability at Home, which, even though an offshoot of larger research, is nonetheless just as much a passion project. [Laura] Mauldin, an associate professor in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and the human development and family sciences department, says she’s also struck by the uses for rubberized shelf liner on things like trays and by the uses for zip ties to fix things like a brake on a wheelchair.” Lots of useful stuff here. Wish this had been around when I was taking care of Granny in her home.


How-To Geek: What’s New in Microsoft Edge 104, Available Now. “Following the release of Chrome 104, Microsoft is now rolling out the same update for its Edge browser. Edge 104 includes an important security change, a new import option for Chrome, and more.”

Search Engine Journal: LinkedIn Tests New Human Curated Discover Feed. “LinkedIn is testing a different take on a Discover feed — a new mobile app section with content curated by humans rather than algorithms. Similar to other discovery-based feeds, a dedicated tab in the LinkedIn app will house content published by accounts outside your network.”


British Library Endangered Archives Blog: West African Manuscripts Crowdsourcing Project Fellowship: Call now open. “We are delighted to be partnering with Chevening to offer a professional development fellowship. The Chevening Fellow will develop a community crowdsourcing project to improve the discoverability of approximately 10,000 digitised West African manuscripts within the EAP collections. We are keen to ensure these manuscripts are assigned titles in Arabic script, making them more accessible to local researchers.”

The Verge: These ‘CSS Crimes’ Turn Social Media Posts Into Games. “While major social media giants cling to uniformity and standardized posts, cohost throws all of this corporate banality out the window. My first encounter with this nascent platform was like stumbling across a bygone era of computing — one where websites were unchecked reflections of personal expression and delightfully weird, often awkward vibes. Most importantly, cohost has cultivated a thriving demoscene full of artists, designers, creative coders, and ambitious shitposters ready to push the envelope of computer art.”


Brookings Institution: EU Code of Practice on Disinformation. “As platform signatories continue to grow their products and services, and disinformation continues to evolve, the larger question is whether cooperation between the private sector and the European Commission will make a meaningful difference against the spread of disinformation online. Ultimately, the EC will have to assess whether companies are significantly improving under self-regulatory codes, or if stricter legislative frameworks like the DSA are needed in the future.”

CNET: Google Sues Sonos Over Voice Control Technology. “Google is suing speaker-maker Sonos over alleged patent infringement. In two lawsuits filed in California federal court on Monday, Google alleges that Sonos’ latest voice-assistant technology violates seven different patents that relate it’s technology for Google Assistant.”


CogDogBlog: Getting Beyond the AI Exuberance of Promptism. “I have to admit doing some bit of tossing phrases into one of the DALL-E Mini generators to gawk/shrug/tweet about what emerged. There is a bit of natural curiosity to either get a result that is a stunning graphic but what seems more common in my attempts… crap.”

Europeana Pro: New project at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin explores crowdsourcing for the Anthropocene . “In 2021, Europeana’s Research Grants Programme awarded funding for innovative projects exploring crowdsourcing and research. What did the winners achieve? We hear from Ulrike Sturm, Scientific Officer Innovation for Nature and Society at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, who spoke on behalf of the project team.”


Johns Hopkins University: Citizen Scientists In Bloom. “Recent PhD graduate Ikbal Choudhury’s nonprofit Open Field Collective uses low-cost, low-resource tools to teach children about environmental science. The collective’s flagship algal bloom monitoring program is now tracking ecosystem health in the U.S., India, and Bangladesh.” Good morning, Internet…

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