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ResearchBuzz Gizmos Update

Hey y’all! You may have noticed there was no ResearchBuzz this morning. That’s because I’ve been spending the last day working on my collection of ResearchBuzz Search Gizmos. I found a template, did the best with my HTML and CSS skills, and now these tools should be a lot easier to use. You can find them at https://researchbuzz.github.io/ .

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Any requests or ideas, leave them in the comments. Criticism about my programming abilities? I know already, no need for a comment.

New Additions Since The Last Writeup

Politician Parade (Twitter) – https://researchbuzz.github.io/politician-parade-Twitter/

This tool requires a free ProPublica Congress API key; you can get it at https://www.propublica.org/datastore/api/propublica-congress-api . To use this tool you specify a Twitter query and a state. Politician Parade generates a Twitter search for that query limited to the accounts of current members of the U.S. House of Representatives in the state you specified.

Politician Parade (Google News) – https://researchbuzz.github.io/politician-parade/

Instead of limiting itself to Twitter space, this tool tries to integrate the names of current congresspeople into a Google News search. It’s kind of sloppy and doesn’t work great. I’m thinking about adding filters for the timeliness of the news, and possibly for seniority (either including or excluding long-term representatives.)

Time-Sliced News Search:  – https://researchbuzz.github.io/Time-Sliced-News-Search/

Date-specific searching on news searches is great but it’s fiddly and setting up the searches can be time-consuming. The TSNS tool takes your query and a year you specify and builds queries for Google News, Google Books (Books, Magazines, and Newspapers are all searched separately), Newspapers.com, and Chronicling America. The queries cover the year you specify, a time radius around which you’d like to search, and the whole decade. For example, you might search for “Cold remedy” in the year 1951 with a search radius of 2. TSNS will generate the following searches for each resource:

“Cold remedy” mentions spanning 1951

“Cold remedy” mentions spanning 1950-1952

“Cold remedy” mentions spanning 1950-1959

Kebberfegg, Keyword-Based RSS Feed Generator – https://researchbuzz.github.io/Kebberfegg/

A reboot of a tool I made – uh – over fifteen years ago. I’M OLD, KIDS! Anyway, Kebberfegg asks you for a query and then offers you an array of keyword RSS feeds based on the query. Sources for RSS feeds include Bing, Bing News, Google News, Reddit, Hacker News, and the US Federal Register.

Other Tools

Twitter Receipts: https://researchbuzz.github.io/Twitter-Receipts/index.html

Twitter Receipts has you enter a Twitter handle and a date, then queries The Wayback Machine for the closest snapshot of the Twitter handle to that date. The Wayback Machine page opens in a new URL. Sometimes the API is a little slow so give it a few seconds.

Back That Ask Up: — https://researchbuzz.github.io/Back-That-Ask-Up-/

Enter a Google News query and the number of days/months/years’ worth of the most recent news items you want to eliminate. BTAU will construct a date-restricted search query in Google News and open it in a new window.

The Anti-Bullseye Name Search: — https://researchbuzz.github.io/The-Anti-Bullseye-Name-Search/

TABNS takes a name and generates a Google search that searches for the name in reverse order (Lastname Firstname) and specifically excludes the most common expression of firstname lastname. It changes the tenor of the search results completely, surfacing many more legal- and data- based results. It also removes a lot of commercial clutter from your search (Amazon, eBay, Pinterest, etc) and gives you the option of adding focusing keywords to the name search.

Sinker Search: — https://researchbuzz.github.io/sinker-search/index.html

Sinker Search takes full advantage of Google’s 32-word query limit by letting you choose an emphasized word in your search which will be repeated until Google’s query limit is reached.

Blogspace Time Machine: — https://researchbuzz.github.io/blogspace-time-machine/index.html

A Google filter for exploring recently-created (current month) content in blogspace, with the option of seeing the same search in blogspace from one, three, five, ten, or fifteen years ago.

Blog Shovel: — https://researchbuzz.github.io/Blog-Shovel/index.html

A Google filter unearthing blog content, from the early days of the Web until now. For much older content than the Blogspace Time Machine (goes back to 1995.)

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