CISA Elections Security Kit, Tennessee Education Dashboards, Google Lens, More: Friday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, August 12, 2022


Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA): CISA Releases Toolkit Of Free Cybersecurity Resources For Election Community. “The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) released its ‘Protecting U.S. Elections: A CISA Cybersecurity Toolkit’ today, a one-stop catalog of free services and tools available for state and local election officials to improve the cybersecurity and resilience of their infrastructure.”

Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury: Updated Mapping Tennessee Education Site Provides New Insights. “The Tennessee Comptroller’s Office has released new interactive online dashboards on K-12 education. The dashboards provide updated education data on schools and school districts for the 2020-21 school year. There are two dashboards: one for public schools and one for non-public schools. The dashboards include data on teacher salaries, student enrollment, school building quality, and state and local funding.”


Digital Inspiration: How to Calculate the Percentage Score in a Google Forms Quiz. “When someone takes the quiz and submits the form, the responses are recorded in a Google Sheet that is set as the response destination for your Google Form. There’s something interesting here as well. If the associated form is a quiz, Google Sheets will automatically add an extra column in the response sheet titled ‘Score’ and this column will be populated with the total marks obtained by respondent in the quiz.”

9to5 Google: How to search any image on Chrome desktop using Google Lens. “Chrome is a great browser with tons of tools and functionality; one feature that many users aren’t familiar with is the desktop version of Google Lens that’s fully integrated into Google Chrome. Follow along to learn how you can use Google Lens on Chrome desktop to search for any image on the web.” The translation feature comes in surprisingly handy.


The Conversation: Minor Google Meltdown Exposes The World’s Utter Reliance on a Single Tech Company. “There are few things we completely rely upon in our modern lives, but for many people, Google is one. Its brief disappearance from the internet felt, for many, like an almost-apocalyptic moment – underscoring how deeply ‘googling’ has been integrated into our lives.”

The New Yorker: Google’s Caste-Bias Problem. “A talk about bigotry was cancelled amid accusations of reverse discrimination. Whom was the company trying to protect?”


Gizmodo: A Linux Zero-Day Was Finally Patched After Half a Decade of Inaction With Help From Google. “Google’s Threat Analysis Group revealed new details today about its efforts to identify and help patch a zero-day exploit impacting Android devices built by a commercial surveillance vendor and dating back to at least 2016.”

Tubefilter: Lawsuit from Grammy winner claims that YouTube’s copyright systems “reduce the value of all works”. “On August 1, A California judge denied YouTube‘s request to throw out a 2020 lawsuit filed by jazz musician Maria Schneider. The suit, which argues that YouTube fails to protect smaller creators from infringement, will now be allowed to move forward.”


New York Times: Hospital and Drugmaker Move to Build Vast Database of New Yorkers’ DNA.”Patients will be asked if their genetic sequence can be added to a database — shared with a pharmaceutical company — in a quest to cure a multitude of diseases.”

The Verge: We live in notification hell. “The apps never shut up. They’re hungry for engagement. They want you to know that your favorite items are on sale, that you haven’t practiced your Spanish today, that your delivery driver is five stops away, that your child at daycare just had a blowout — all day, all at once. Welcome to a place we all live, a place called notification hell.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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