Hawaiian Music, Google Play, Photographer Communities, More: Thursday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, September 1, 2022


Hawaii Public Radio: Memorial concert for Harry B. Soria to support digitizing his Hawaiian music collection. “Territorial Airwaves is the longest-running weekly radio show on Hawaiian music here in the islands. For decades the program celebrated our music history. Music host Harry B. Soria took up the torch from his father and grandfather. He died on Dec. 7, 2021. The golden oldies and tales told by Soria can now be heard online — hundreds are available, with more to come. To pay homage to his remarkable Hawaiian music collection, a memorial concert is in the works to help raise money to make it accessible to everyone.” Mostly an audio program.


Axios: Scoop: Truth Social’s Google Play Store holdup. “Google hasn’t yet approved Truth Social’s Android app for distribution via its Play Store because of insufficient content moderation, a Google spokesperson tells Axios.”


The Phoblographer: The Best Communities For Photographers In 2022. “Let’s be honest, photographers are really annoyed at Instagram. They’ve been considering places like TikTok and more but those are spaces for content creators. Thankfully, there are still communities that think photographers are valuable. So we’ve rounded up some of the best communities for photographers.”


Washington Post: A neighborhood’s cryptocurrency mine: ‘Like a jet that never leaves’. ” It’s midnight, and a jet-like roar is rumbling up the slopes of Poor House Mountain. Except there are no planes overhead, and the nearest commercial airport is 80 miles away. The sound is coming from a cluster of sheds at the base of the mountain housing a cryptocurrency data center, operated by the San Francisco-based firm PrimeBlock. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, powerful computers perform the complex computations needed to ‘mine,’ or create, digital currencies. And those noise-generating computers are kept cool by huge fans.”

Texas Monthly: Why the Texas Archive of the Moving Image Is the Best Follow on TikTok. “The Austin-based nonprofit has become a social media star with clips of vintage local newscasts, bizarre industrial films, and one-of-a-kind celebrity encounters.”


Bleeping Computer: Montenegro says Russian cyberattacks threaten key state functions. “Members of the government in Montenegro are stating that the country is being hit with sophisticated and persistent cyberattacks that threaten the country’s essential infrastructure. Targets include electricity and water supply systems, transportation services, online portals that citizens use to access various state services, and more.”

International Consortium of Investigative Journalists: Flurry of seizures intensify pressure on the Met over artifacts linked to accused traffickers . “The largest museum in the United States, New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, is facing increasing scrutiny from police and federal agents investigating international art smuggling. The Manhattan district attorney’s office has obtained nine warrants to seize ancient works from the Met since 2017, according to records reviewed by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and shared with reporting partner Finance Uncovered.”

Wall Street Journal: Google, Meta and Others May Soon Need to Disclose Pay on California Job Listings . “California may soon require nearly all employers hiring in the state to begin listing pay on job postings, a move that could affect many of the biggest U.S. companies. A bill passed by the California legislature mandates that all organizations with 15 or more employees include the hourly pay or salary range on job listings in the state.”


MIT Technology Review: What does GPT-3 “know” about me? . “Large language models are trained on troves of personal data hoovered from the internet. So I wanted to know: What does it have on me?”

Analytics India: Google Just Stepped Up the Game for Text-to-Image AI. “Google’s DreamBooth takes a moderately different approach when compared to other recently released text-to-image tools like DALL-E2, Stable Diffusion, Imagen, and Midjourney by providing more control of the subject image and then guiding the diffusion model using text based inputs.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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