Constitutional Law Journal, Midwest US Gardening, NASA Missions, More: Monday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, September 5, 2022


Elon University: Students launch new constitutional law journal. “Led by inaugural Editor in Chief Esther Bouquet L’23, We the People – Elon Law’s Constitutional Law Journal aspires to promote the contribution of intelligent discussion and analysis of the U.S. Constitution and constitutional law-related issues.”

Purdue University: New website places gardening solutions at users’ fingertips, regardless of thumb color . “The Purdue Plant Doctor website is a mobile-friendly one-stop shop where gardeners can navigate the bewildering maze of insect, disease and abiotic problems that affect the hundreds of landscape trees, shrubs and flowers used in Midwestern landscapes.”


Lifehacker: How to Watch NASA Crash a Spaceship Into an Asteroid. “In a first-of-its-kind mission, NASA is planning to crash a spacecraft into an asteroid on September 26 (Earth time), and you’ll be able to stream it live.”


Associated Press: How Archives went from ‘National Treasure’ to political prey. “It was the setting for ‘National Treasure,’ the movie in which Nicolas Cage’s character tries to steal the Declaration of Independence. It has long been among the most trafficked tourist destinations in the nation’s capital. But what the National Archives and Records Administration has never been — until now — is the locus of a criminal investigation of a former president.”

BBC: Floppy disks in Japan: Minister declares war on old-fashioned technology. “Japan’s digital minister has ‘declared war’ on floppy disks and other retro tech used by the country’s bureaucrats. Around 1,900 government procedures still require businesses to use the storage devices, plus CDs and mini-discs, Taro Kono said.”


WIRED: Who Pays for an Act of Cyberwar?. “THIS SUMMER MARKS the fifth anniversary of the most expensive cyberattack ever: the NotPetya malware, released by Russia in June 2017, that shut down computer systems at companies and government agencies around the world, causing upward of $10 billion in damage due to lost business, repairs, and other operational disruptions.”

The Guardian: Surrey police accused of using ‘phantom’ traffic units on Waze app. “Surrey’s police force has been accused of operating ‘phantom units’ after traffic officers admitted to providing misleading data to a satnav app. Officers said on Twitter that they falsely reported their locations as stationary on the Waze traffic app, which suggests they may be operating a speed trap, when they were in fact driving.”

Rolling Stone: The Monkees’ Micky Dolenz Would Like a Word With the FBI. “The Monkees may not be seem like the kind of band that would attract the FBI’s attention, especially during a time when groups like Country Joe and the Fish and the MC5 were leading the movement against the Vietnam War. But the Monkees were one of the most popular bands in America in 1966 and 1967, and they sprinkled anti-war sentiments into songs like ‘Ditty Diego-War Chant’ and even ‘Last Train to Clarksville,’ a song about a man headed off to war that fears he’ll never see his love again.”


Arizona State University: ‘News addiction’ can cause stress, anxiety, study says. “The obsessive urge to keep up with that news can lead to stress, anxiety and worsening physical health, according to a study in the journal Health Communication. The study found that 16.5% of 1,100 people polled in an online survey showed signs of ‘severely problematic’ news consumption, which led them to focus less on school, work and family, and contributed to an inability to sleep. Just more than 73% said they experienced mental health issues ‘quite a bit’ or ‘very much,’ and 61% reported their physical health suffered.”

Washington Post: Ready or not, mass video deepfakes are coming. “While many Americans were blissfully engaging in quaint analogue activities like going to the beach, a start-up named Midjourney offered ‘AI art-generation,’ in which anyone with a basic graphics card could with a few keystrokes create stunningly real images. To spend even a few minutes with it — there’s Gordon Ramsay burning up in his Hell’s Kitchen; here’s Gandalf shredding on a guitar — is to experience a technology that makes Photoshop look like Wite-Out. Midjourney has gathered more than a million users on its Discord channel.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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