Climate Change Preparation, Chronicling America, US Place Names, More: Saturday ResearchBuzz, September 10, 2022


Route Fifty: A New Tech Tool to Help Communities Confront Climate Risks . “The Climate Mapping for Resilience and Adaptation portal is an online dashboard that provides real-time and location-specific information about extreme weather threats. It features an interactive map that offers hazard-specific information, such as how many personnel are responding to a particular wildfire or what kinds of flood alerts have been issued in a certain community.”


Library of Congress: Historical Newspapers for National History Day. “Explore the Frontier and learn to use Chronicling America, a freely-available collection of historic American newspapers at the Library of Congress for research in this year’s National History Day theme ‘Frontiers in History: People, Places, Ideas.'” Thursday, September 15. It will be archived for later viewing if you can’t make the live event.


Associated Press: U.S. Changes Names of Places with Racist Term for Native Women. “The U.S. government has joined a ski resort and others that have quit using a racist term for a Native American woman by renaming hundreds of peaks, lakes, streams and other geographical features on federal lands in the West and elsewhere.”

Axios: Trump’s Truth Social falls short on shareholder vote. “Digital World Acquisition Corp. on Thursday said it would adjourn its shareholder meeting until October 10, after failing to secure at least 65% shareholder approval for a one year extension to complete its merger with the parent company of Truth Social.”


ESPN: The rise of Gambling Twitter: Social media and the popularity of sports betting. “For years, bettors and bookmakers have relentlessly lobbed pot shots at each other, while anxiously awaiting the next tweet from a small-college beat writer or for a WNBA player to post a telling emoji. Meanwhile, con artists, promising inside information and guaranteed locks, lurk behind random anonymous accounts, ready to take advantage of the gullible, and trolls stand poised to attack anyone who doesn’t meet their standards. People absolutely love it. And, now, with widespread legal betting spreading rapidly, Gambling Twitter is on the rise.”

Manchester Evening News: ‘We have not changed our name’: Little Lever School contacts Google after search confusion. “A school in Bolton had to contact Google to correct a mistake which saw their name changed on the search engine. Little Lever School was appearing as New Hall Village School yesterday and had to reassure residents that was not true.”


Washington Post: Thousands allegedly bilked U.S. for free internet — in one child’s name. “More than 1,000 households in Oklahoma used the identity of a single 4-year-old to obtain free or discounted internet service from the U.S. government, part of a broader wave of suspected fraud now raising new questions about Washington’s attempts to close the digital divide.”


The Mainichi: Latest AI ‘Buddhabot’ allows users to ‘chat’ with Buddha image about their worries . “A team of researchers in Japan has developed an artificial intelligence system for smartphones that can automatically answer users’ questions about their worries from a Buddhist perspective, while displaying an image of Buddha on the screen. The AI system is fed with two types of Buddhist scriptures including the world’s oldest ‘Sutta Nipata,’ and is capable of coming up with 1,000 kinds of answers depending on the content of users’ consultations.”

Science Daily: Replacing social media use with physical activity. “If you spend 30 minutes less on social media every day and engage in physical activity instead, you do a lot to improve your mental health, according to a new study. Participants who followed this advice for two weeks felt happier, more satisfied, less stressed by the COVID-19 pandemic and less depressed than a control group. These effects lasted even six months after the study had ended.”

PsyPost: Psychology experts urge social media giants to increase transparency around algorithms to protect users’ mental health. “In a new article published in the journal Body Image, a team of psychology researchers outline a mountain of evidence linking social media use to body image issues. The researchers describe how algorithms may be intensifying this link and urge social media corporations to take action.”


The New Stack: A New Tool for Unreal Engine Developers to Export to the Web. “A Canadian startup called Wonder Interactive is creating a platform to turn Unreal Engine apps into HTML5 apps, which it claims will have ‘near-native performance and lightning-fast load times.'” When I think about the concept of a metaverse, an experience as rich as that of an Unreal Engine game — only as natively-available and fast as an HTML5 app — is what makes sense. Not floating around looking like one of those Wii peg people. Good morning, Internet…

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