South Carolina Wildlife, Nova Scotia Gaelic Recordings, Virginia Tax Rebates, More: Thursday ResearchBuzz, September 22, 2022


South Carolina Department of Natural Resources: South Carolina Wildlife magazine goes digital!. “South Carolina Wildlife magazine, in partnership with the South Carolina State Library, is proud to announce that many of its almost seventy years’ worth of magazines are available to the public in digital form at no cost.”

University of Glasgow: University Of Glasgow Launches New Collection Of Gaelic Recordings From Nova Scotia. “The recordings by Professor Calum Iain N. MacLeod (Calum Iain M. MacLeòid, 1913–1977) will be held in British Academy recognised project, Digital Archive of Scottish Gaelic (DASG), led by the University of Glasgow. The collection includes interviews, conversations, music, hymns and psalms, and songs largely from people in Nova Scotia. Most of the material is in Scottish Gaelic but some recordings also feature English and French.”

WAVY: Virginia tax rebates: See if you’re eligible with new tool. “The Virginia Department of Taxation’s rebate lookup tool just needs your Social Security number or Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) and your zip code to see if you’ll get the rebate (up to $250 for individuals and $500 for joint filers). Around 3.2 million Virginians are eligible.”


International Consortium of Investigative Journalists: New US company owner database ‘taking way too long’ to implement, experts warn. “After ICIJ’s FinCEN Files investigation, transparency advocates cheered a new law mandating a beneficial ownership register in the U.S. Two years later, experts are expressing serious concerns.”

The Verge: Google is finally making its to-do list and reminder tools work together. “Google is working on a big update to Google Tasks, the company said today. It’s bringing a couple of new features to the app, making it easier to add tasks, and finally integrating its reminder system across Google Assistant, Calendar, and the rest of the Google suite of apps.”


Lifehacker: You Should Be Filtering Your iMessages. “iOS 16 is filled with plenty of major features, but there are smaller changes as well—like the return of your battery percentage, and an option to enable haptic feedback on the stock iPhone keyboard for the first time. But one thing lost in all the news is the addition to Messages’ Filters feature.”


Washington Post: Trump’s ‘big lie’ fueled a new generation of social media influencers. “The 2020 election and its turbulent aftermath fueled a powerful generation of online influencers, a Washington Post data analysis has found, producing sky-high follower counts for an array of conservatives who echoed Trump’s false claims of election fraud, known as the ‘big lie.’ … These accounts amassed followers despite vows by Big Tech companies to police election disinformation, The Post found.”

Rappler: Not over: Young generations continue the fight to protect Martial Law memories. “Project Gunita is a network of volunteers and members of various civil society organizations that aim to defend historical truth. They particularly push back against historical denialism and protect truths about the Martial Law years. Through the project, the three founders and their members created a digital archive of all materials that contain information about Marcos’ Martial Law to preserve them.”


CNET: Google’s $100 Million Privacy Settlement: How to Claim Your Money Before Time Runs Out. “There’s less than a week to file a claim in a class action lawsuit claiming Google illicitly uses a facial-recognition program to sort pictures in Google Photos. The search giant agreed to a $100 million settlement this spring and Individuals whose likenesses appeared in a Photos album could be eligible for up to $400.”

Radio New Zealand: PM Jacinda Ardern announces initiative to research social media algorithms. “Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced an initiative to research social media algorithms, but does not yet appear to have buy-in from some key tech players. Ardern made the announcement in New York after co-hosting a summit with French president Emmanuel Macron.”


Cornell Chronicle: Do trucks mean Trump? AI shows how humans misjudge images. “Researchers from Cornell and partner institutions analyzed more than 16 million human predictions of whether a neighborhood voted for Joe Biden or Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election based on a single Google Street View image. They found that humans as a group performed well at the task, but a computer algorithm was better at distinguishing between Trump and Biden country. The study also classified common ways that people mess up, and identified objects – such as pickup trucks and American flags – that led people astray.”

AFP: Social media greenwashing by fossil fuel interests ‘rampant’: study. “A commercial plane photoshopped with the tail of a shark, hashtags that misleadingly evoke sustainability, tokenistic use of minorities to distract and to signal virtue: a Harvard report published Tuesday highlights rampant greenwashing by leading companies on social media.” Good morning, Internet…

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