Opioid Industry Documents Archive, Google, WordPress, More: Saturday ResearchBuzz, October 15, 2022


University of California San Francisco: New Industry Documents Highlight Role of Pharmacies in Driving Opioid Epidemic. “Johns Hopkins University and the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), have added new documents to the Opioid Industry Documents Archive that detail the role of retail pharmacies in the opioid overdose epidemic.”


Google Blog: Helping you easily identify information sources in Search. “We’re adding site names to search results on mobile, so you can easily identify the website that’s associated with each result at a glance. We’re also updating the size and shape of the favicon (a website’s logo or icon) that appears in Search, to make it easier to see on the page.”

Search Engine Journal: WordPress 6.1 Is Jam-Packed With Performance Upgrades. “WordPress 6.1, arriving November 2022, is jam-packed with performance improvements, signaling that this may be the update that many have been waiting for.”


Boing Boing: This website uses AI to quickly generate summaries of YouTube video. “…a blissfully barebones website that takes a YouTube URL and, in seconds, spits out what appears to be a good summary of the content of the video.” I think it might have used up an API key or something because it’s throwing errors. Let me know if you get it to work.

How-To Geek: 13 Google Sheets Date and Time Functions You Need to Know. “When you use a spreadsheet for things where the timing is essential, you likely include dates and times. Google Sheets offers a collection of functions for formatting, converting, and calculating dates and times to help with your data entry.”


Lifehacker: Redactle Is Like Wordle but for a Whole Wikipedia Page. “Wordle is tiny; Redactle is big. Where Wordle asks you to solve a single five-letter word, Redactle presents you with an entire blacked-out wikipedia page, and not a stub, either.”

Slashgear: Chrome’s Incognito Mode Is The Butt Of Jokes Among Google Employees, It Seems. “In a chat shared by Bloomberg, one Google engineer reportedly stated that the company needed to change both the spy guy icon and the incognito name because they were giving users the wrong impression.”


Ars Technica: How a Microsoft blunder opened millions of PCs to potent malware attacks. “For almost two years, Microsoft officials botched a key Windows defense, an unexplained lapse that left customers open to a malware infection technique that has been especially effective in recent months.”

Sydney Morning Herald: Secret agents targeting drug cartels in Australia exposed in data hack. “A massive leak of classified documents from the Colombian government has exposed the identities and methods of secret agents working to stop international drug cartels from operating in Australia. More than five terabytes of data, including more than five million emails and tens of thousands of documents, were hacked and held in a password-protected database in August.”


Harvard Business Review: The Challenges of Transforming Twitter. “[Elon] Musk’s specific goals for Twitter have been hard to pin down, but the problem of how to transform the strategy of a technology business is a familiar one. What Musk will need to overcome is not unlike the challenge faced by an outside executive joining a new company, a private equity firm on a new deal, or a general manager overseeing an acquired business unit on behalf of a conglomerate.”

CNET: You’ll Have to Pry the Thumbs-Up Emoji From My Cold, Dead, Ancient Hands. “Until this week, I viewed the thumbs-up emoji as, well, a simple thumbs-up emoji. Sometimes a thumbs-up emoji is just a thumbs-up emoji, Freud once said. Freud wasn’t on Slack.”


Purdue University: Purdue team introduces advance in automatic forest mapping technology. “How lightning travels from the sky to the ground inspired the concept behind a new algorithmic approach to digitally separate individual trees from their forests in automatic forest mapping.” Good morning, Internet…

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