Ohio Judge Elections, Pennsylvania Agriculture, EU Tourism Dashboard, More: Wednesday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, October 19, 2022


Associations Now: New Website Educates Ohio Voters on Judicial Races Ahead of Election Day. “Launched earlier this month, the Judicial Votes Count website provides information about Ohio’s judicial system and judicial candidates. [Ohio State Bar Association] CEO Mary Amos Augsburger said that historically a substantial number of voters skip voting for judicial candidates because they know little about them. For instance, there was a 16 to 18 percent dropoff in the number of voters who selected a candidate in the state’s Supreme Court races in 2020.”

WBRE: PA Preferred website helps users find local produce. “Farm-to-table, Pennsylvania grown and raised is the reason behind a new state website. The PA Preferred website was launched at the Maylath Farm and Orchard in Luzerne County Tuesday morning. The goal of the website is to help people find locally grown and processed food products.”

EU Science Hub: A tourism dashboard for greener, digitally savvy and resilient EU destinations. “The Commission launches today the EU Tourism Dashboard, a new tool to help policy makers at country and regional level to steer policies and strategies in the tourism ecosystem. The aim of this tool is to improve access to statistics and policy-relevant indicators for tourism, supporting destinations and public authorities in tracking their progress in the green and digital transition.”


The Verge: The ugly business logic behind Kanye West’s Parler acquisition. “According to a source familiar with the discussions, Parler’s parent company, Parlement, has been trying to offload its social media platform to potential buyers over the last few weeks. One prospective buyer described Parlement’s asking price for the platform as wildly inflated, and said they were stunned by the site’s low number of daily active users.”


Social Media Examiner: How to Audit Social Media Marketing: A 9-Step Checklist. “Need to develop a new social media marketing strategy? Wondering how to audit your current social actions to see what’s working and what isn’t? In this article, you’ll discover a nine-step checklist to audit and adjust your social media strategy for the future.” A really good overview of marketing metrics and what to look for/think about without getting ridiculously in the weeds.


Kotaku Australia: How Do You Preserve A Video Game?. “The National Film and Sound Archive (NFSA) very recently appointed Chris Arneil as their Assistant Curator in Games, which is the first time they have had someone in a full-time role regarding video game curation in their archive…. To learn a little more about what goes into the work of preserving games, as well as how the NFSA will go about archiving the history of the Australian video games industry, I decided to sit down and have a chat with Arneil.”


Bleeping Computer: Verizon notifies prepaid customers their accounts were breached. “Verizon warned an undisclosed number of prepaid customers that attackers gained access to Verizon accounts and used exposed credit card info in SIM swapping attacks.”

Washington Post: Buffalo massacre report seeks to punish broadcasters of homicide live streams. “The New York attorney general on Tuesday called on the state legislature to pass new laws to deter the live-streaming of homicides, following an investigation that concluded the alleged gunman accused of killing 10 people in Buffalo was radicalized online and then used social media to plan and promote his rampage.”

Missouri Independent: ‘Attempted intimidation’: Missouri AG sent five requests for MSU emails, records. “Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt’s office said a request for a professor’s emails was ‘part of a fact-finding process.’ The professor said it felt like attempted intimidation for criticisms of Schmitt on social media.”


Analytics India: Google Vizier is Now Open Source – and That’s Great News. “Blackbox optimization is a process of optimising an objective function in a case where the only available information about the objective is the output. Blackbox optimization is applied to a variety of applications like drug discovery, hyperparameter optimization, industrial engineering, and reinforcement learning. Since its release in 2017, Google’s black box optimization system Vizier has witnessed thousands of monthly users on both the research and production sides at the company.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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