UK Intellectual Property, North Dakota Missing Persons, Twitter, More: Monday ResearchBuzz, November 7, 2022


Government of UK: 100 most notable UK IP cases added to WIPO global database. “The UK has joined the WIPO Lex-Judgments database, opening access to UK courts’ most notable IP judgments to a global audience. Initially, the 100 most notable UK IP cases will be added, with provision for the database to be regularly updated.”

Bismark Tribune: North Dakota launches missing persons database. “The North Dakota Attorney General’s Office has launched a statewide missing persons database. The publicly accessible database provides law enforcement and concerned citizens with detailed information about people who have been reported missing in the state, according to Attorney General Drew Wrigley.”


Reuters: Twitter asks some laid off workers to come back – Bloomberg News. “After Twitter Inc laid off roughly half its staff on Friday following Elon Musk’s $44 billion acquisition, the company is now reaching out to dozens of employees who lost their jobs and asking them to return, Bloomberg News reported on Sunday.”

The Verge: YouTube’s Primetime Channels bring streaming movies and TV into the YouTube app. “Streaming services are coming to YouTube. The company is rolling out a new feature called Primetime Channels that will bring shows and movies from more than 30 services directly into the YouTube interface. It’s a big bet for YouTube that it can be the cable bundle of the future and that its unparalleled audience will make streaming services buy into the idea.”

CNN: Elon Musk delays $8 ‘blue check’ Twitter verification plan until after the midterms. “Twitter is delaying the rollout of account verifications for its paid Twitter Blue subscription plan until after the midterm elections, a source with knowledge of the decision confirmed to CNN.”


CNET: Swamped With Election Campaign Text Messages? Here’s How to Stop Them. “According to robocall blocking software company RoboKiller, Americans received 1.3 billion political campaign phone and text messages in October 2022. Fortunately, there’s a solution for the political ads bombarding your Facebook feed, mailbox or text message inbox.”

WIRED: How to Make Sure Your Cloud Files Are Always Synced. “Here are the ways you can make sure your most important files are stored locally, using any of the popular cloud storage services. It’ll definitely take more local disk space, but your data is easier to access, whether you’re online or not.”


Associated Press: Influencers debate leaving Twitter, but where would they go?. “Pariss Chandler built a community for Black tech workers on Twitter that eventually became the foundation for her own recruitment company. Now she’s afraid it could all fall apart if Twitter becomes a haven for racist and toxic speech under the control of Elon Musk, a serial provocateur who has indicated he could loosen content rules.”

BBC: ‘It’s so liberating’: The people quitting social media. “When Gayle Macdonald reached a summit in Spain’s Sierra Nevada mountain range earlier this year, she didn’t just stop and take in the moment. Instead, the 45-year-old did what a great many people would do – she looked for the best spot to take a selfie for her social media accounts. Gayle even admits that she moved dangerously close to the edge while doing so. It was after that moment, for which she was berated by her husband, that she decided to quit social media.”

Herald Goa: Outdated Google Maps cause of road mishaps at Khandepar junction?. “The Khandepar junction has been witnessing a series of road accidents since the last few months and now it’s coming to the fore that misleading Google Maps may be one of the contributing factors to it. The work of junction road for the newly built bridge is ongoing and it is still half-done. The locals have demanded to either complete the junction road or at least add changes regarding the route on Google Maps.”


Hong Kong Free Press: Exclusive: University of Hong Kong makes library users register to access some politically sensitive books. “The library at Hong Kong’s top university has introduced a new system under which readers must register in advance to gain access to some politically sensitive books or archive materials. A Hong Kong researcher said the new policy, which follows moves by the city’s public libraries to remove some titles, might impede study of more ‘sensitive’ topics.”

Outlook India: CCI May Fine Google For The Third Time, This Time For Smart TV: Report. “The Competition Commission of India (CCI) may fine the tech giant Google for the third time, as per a latest media report. According to the Economic Times, Google, who has already been fined two times by CCI may soon get another fine but this time for allegedly abusing its market dominance in the smart TV space.” Good morning, Internet…

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