Martin Wong Artworks, Delaware Equity Counts Data Center, Alutiiq Headdresses, More: Thursday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, November 17, 2022


ArtAsiaPacific: Complete Martin Wong Catalogue Goes Online. “On November 12, New York gallery P.P.O.W announced the launch of the Martin Wong Catalogue Raisonné (MWCR)—a free online resource providing detailed records of more than 800 artworks of Chinese American artist Martin Wong (1946–1999), new essays by scholars and curators, an extensive illustrated chronology, and a range of primary source material.”

Delaware Public Media: State and community partners launch Delaware-centric equity database. “The United Way of Delaware and Delaware Racial Justice Collaborative join Delaware’s Division of Public Health to launch the Equity Counts Data Center. The data center is on DPH’s My Healthy Community Dashboard and looks to provide timely, quality data about inequities across the state. The data is based on determinants such as education, health, criminal justice, and wealth creation, and can be evaluated at a zip-code level.”

Alutiiq Museum: Museum Releases Instructions For Making A Beaded Headdress. “Today, the Alutiiq Museum released instructions for making an Alutiiq-style beaded headdress. A paperback book and four accompanying video tutorials provide step-by-step directions for transforming beads, leather, and thread into the iconic Alutiiq woman’s garment.” A PDF version of the book and the videos are available free on the museum’s Web site.


Associated Press: Happy hygge! Scrabble dictionary adds hundreds of words. “Here’s the sitch, Scrabble stans. Your convos around the board are about to get more interesting with about 500 new words and variations added to the game’s official dictionary: stan, sitch, convo, zedonk, dox and fauxhawk among them.”

Internet Archive Blogs: Digital Library of Amateur Radio & Communications Surpasses 25,000 Items. “In the six weeks since announcing that Internet Archive has begun gathering content for the Digital Library of Amateur Radio and Communications (DLARC), the project has quickly grown to more than 25,000 items, including ham radio newsletters, podcasts, videos, books, and catalogs. The project seeks additional contributions of material for the free online library.”


BBC: Astronomer in Twitter limbo over ‘intimate’ meteor. “An astronomer from Oxfordshire was locked out of her Twitter account for three months after sharing a video of a meteor which was flagged by the site’s automated moderation tools.”

How-To Geek: What is “YouTube Poop” And Should Anyone Watch It? . “Often abbreviated YTP, YouTube Poop videos are humorous remixes of existing material. They’re often vulgar and satirical but almost always meant to make you laugh. Some YouTube Poops are even important to internet culture and history.”

CoinDesk: Crypto Exchange Gemini Suffers $485M Rush of Outflows Amid Contagion Fears. “Gemini, a crypto exchange and custodian founded by the Winklevoss brothers, has suffered a rush of withdrawals as crypto firms wrestle with the reverberations of the FTX-Alameda bankruptcy and subsequent contagion within the digital asset industry.”


Deadline: Tom Brady, Giselle Bündchen, Larry David & Steph Curry Caught In FTX Crypto Fallout With Class Action Suit. “‘I’m never wrong about this stuff, never,’ said a dismissive and scoffing Larry David earlier this year in that now infamous Super Bowl ad for investing in cryptocurrency exchange FTX. While the Seinfeld co-creator rejected the wheel, coffee, the U.S. Constitution, electricity, putting a man on the moon and more innovations in the much praised commercial, looks like David might have been right about the now collapsed FTX, for all the good it’s going to do him.”

9to5 Mac: US Army iOS app among thousands that unknowingly used Russian code. “A potentially sensitive US Army iOS app is among thousands of iOS and Android apps to include user-profiling code from a Russian company that pretended to be an American one – raising both privacy and security concerns.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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