Canadian Down Syndrome Society, Student Journalism, FTX, More: Saturday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, November 19, 2022


CTV News: ‘I want to work’: New hub connects people with Down syndrome to jobs. “Canada has roughly one million jobs unfulfilled, and a new tool is looking to connect employers with candidates they may not have expected to hire—which is part of the problem, according to disability advocates. Inployable is the first-ever employment network created in Canada on LinkedIn, an initiative of the Canadian Down Syndrome Society (CDSS).”


Chicago Tribune: Free virtual event: How student journalists can investigate police ticketing at high schools. “In ‘The Price Kids Pay,’ reporters from the Tribune and ProPublica found that local police wrote more than 12,000 tickets to students in dozens of school districts across the state in recent years…. Now, at a free event hosted by ProPublica in partnership with the Tribune and the Journalism Education Association, student journalists can learn how to report on ticketing on their own school campuses. The virtual event takes place at 3:30 p.m. Dec. 1.”


Reuters: FTX launches strategic review, seeks court relief to pay critical vendors. “FTX, along with about 101 affiliated firms, also sought court relief to allow the operation of a new global cash management system and payment to its critical vendors.The exchange and its affiliates filed for bankruptcy in Delaware on Nov. 11 in one of the highest-profile crypto blowups, leaving an estimated 1 million customers and other investors facing total losses in the billions of dollars.”

CBS News: NFT prices slump as FTX’s collapse shadows digital collectibles. “The crypto world suffered a major blow last week when FTX Trading declared bankruptcy amid a $8 billion shortfall. The fallout is now affecting the digital collectibles realm, said NFT expert Connor Borrego. The price of ‘The Currency,’ a collection of NFTs by celebrated artist Damien Hirst, fell 12.6% to $4,666.60 on Friday while Moonbird NFTs fell 4.7% to $8,397.50 and Bored Ape Kennel Club fell 8.3% to $4,672.60, according to NFT Price Floor.”


FactCheck: Bogus Theory Misinterprets FTX Support for Ukraine. “The bankruptcy of FTX, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, has sparked an unfounded claim that its former CEO had conspired with Ukraine and Democratic politicians to launder U.S. aid money. FTX helped make crypto donations available to Ukraine; it wasn’t taking any assets from Ukraine.”

Reuters: Special Report-FTX’s Bankman-Fried begged for a rescue even as he revealed huge holes in firm’s books. “Sequoia was among investors that lined up only months before to pump money into [Sam] Bankman-Fried’s empire. But not now. Sequoia was shocked at the amount of money Bankman-Fried needed to save FTX, according to the sources, while Apollo first asked for more information, only to later decline. Both firms and TPG declined to comment for this article.”


South China Morning Post: China to step up internet censorship with stricter rules for social media and streaming sites. “Chinese social media and web video platforms must approve all news-related comments before they go online and step up training for censors to keep out ‘harmful’ content, according to new regulations taking effect on December 15.”

Gizmodo: House Committees Slam for ‘Baseless’ Unemployment Fraud Claims. “, the controversial biometric identification verification company whose facial match technology provoked a major privacy backlash at the IRS earlier this year, may have misled the public and lawmakers when its CEO claimed the U.S. lost $400 billion to fraudulent pandemic unemployment claims.”


Stanford University HAI: Language Models are Changing AI. We Need to Understand Them. “We need to know what this technology can and can’t do, what risks it poses, so that we can both have a deeper scientific understanding and a more comprehensive account of its societal impact. Transparency is the vital first step towards these two goals. But the AI community lacks the needed transparency: Many language models exist, but they are not compared on a unified standard, and even when language models are evaluated, the full range of societal considerations (e.g., fairness, robustness, uncertainty estimation, commonsense knowledge, disinformation) have not be addressed in a unified way”

The Hill: The true tragedy behind Musk’s Twitter buyout is the power of billionaires. “The fact that one single person, Elon Musk, could access enough money to buy out an entire social media platform is incredible. It would take the median American worker, working full time at $55,640 a year, no fewer than 790,797 years to make the $44 billion needed to buy Twitter. This is longer than human beings have been on the planet.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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