Washington Climate Change, Afro-Canadian Dance History, Twitter, More: Thursday ResearchBuzz, December 1, 2022


Washington State Department of Health: DOH unveils free teacher resources to bring public health and climate change data into the classroom. “In an effort to engage students with local health and climate data, DOH is unveiling a free professional development course for teachers that uses DOH tools and data to explore the connections between asthma and wildfires, which are one of the most obvious impacts of climate change on Washington state.”

University of Toronto: Researcher’s archival exhibition spotlights 70 years of Black performance history in Canada . “An exhibit curated by Seika Boye, a researcher at the University of Toronto, is preserving seven decades-worth of Black dance performance history in Canada. ‘It’s About Time: Dancing Black in Canada 1900-1970 and Now’ is an archival exhibition that highlights the undocumented history of Black dance performance in Canada from the time period.”

PR Newswire: New MIT Sloan research measures exposure to misinformation from political elites on Twitter (PRESS RELEASE). “Those tools, which [David] Rand and [Mohsen] Mosleh have made public via a web app that allows people to check the misinformation exposure rating and ideological bias of any Twitter user and an API for researchers, show that users who follow political elites with high falsity scores are more likely to share misinformation. They also reveal a clear partisan difference in exposure to politicians who make false claims.”


CNN: Twitter is no longer enforcing its Covid misinformation policy. “Twitter said it will no longer enforce its longstanding Covid misinformation policy, yet another sign of how Elon Musk plans to transform the social media company he bought a month ago.”

How-To Geek: What’s New in Chrome 108, Available Now. “The end of another month means it’s time for a new Chrome release. Google Chrome 108 was released on November 29, 2022. This version includes an Energy Saver mode, better support for high-res emoji, and adjustments to how webpages look under virtual keyboards.”


MakeUseOf: How to Colorize Black and White Photos: 5 Free Tools. “Colorizing photos used to require highly specialized Photoshop skills, but nowadays, you can easily do it with a click of a button. There are plenty of free tools for adding color to black and white photos and thanks to the help of AI, the results are stunning. So get your cherished family photos ready and have fun bringing history to life!”


L’officiel: Art Memes: How the Message Satirizes the Medium. “Whether it’s an image macro, a video clip, or turn of phrase, the meme plays by no one’s rules—and certainly not the establishment’s. There’s plenty of marketing department TikTok propaganda, of course, but the good stuff is organically formed: funny and subversive, often contextually inappropriate and anti-aesthetic simply by nature.”


Ars Technica: Musk faces fines if Twitter’s gutted child safety team becomes overwhelmed . “Three people familiar with Twitter’s current staffing told Bloomberg that when 2022 started, Twitter had 20 team members responsible for reviewing and escalating reports of child sexual abuse materials (CSAM). Today, after layoffs and resignations, there are fewer than 10 specialists forming what Bloomberg described as ‘an overwhelmed skeleton crew.'”

WIRED: A Peek Inside the FBI’s Unprecedented January 6 Geofence Dragnet. “THE FBI’S BIGGEST-EVER investigation included the biggest-ever haul of phones from controversial geofence warrants, court records show. A filing in the case of one of the January 6 suspects, David Rhine, shows that Google initially identified 5,723 devices as being in or near the US Capitol during the riot. Only around 900 people have so far been charged with offenses relating to the siege.”

Road and Track: New Florida Law Turns Social Media Into Evidence Against Street Racers and Takeovers. “A new Florida law that went into effect on October 1 now allows the arrest of street racers and sideshow and takeover participants based on social media posts. Post a TikTok of yourself doing donuts in your Charger in Tampa and the cops can now come nab you for the offense.


Montclair State University: Study: Use of ‘Groomer’ Hate Speech Increased on Twitter After Colorado Springs Nightclub Shooting . “A new study by the Joetta Di Bella and Fred C. Sautter III Center for Strategic Communication in the School of Communication and Media at Montclair State University points to what hate speech on Twitter could look like following Elon Musk’s offer of ‘general amnesty’ to suspended accounts on the platform. Specifically, the study showed a dramatic spike in the use of the term ‘grooming’ (a slur used against the LGBTQ+ community) on Twitter in the period after the shooting at an LGBTQ+ nightclub in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on November 19-20.”

CoinTelegraph: Crypto fund investment still dominated by the United States: Database. “82.4% of all crypto funds come from ten countries, led by the United States with 419 funds. A distant second is the United Kingdom with 51 funds, followed by China at 46.” Good morning, Internet…

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