ChatGPT, Photo Management, Robux, More: Monday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, December 5, 2022


Bleeping Computer: OpenAI’s new ChatGPT bot: 10 coolest things you can do with it. “From precisely spotting security vulnerabilities in your code, to writing an essay or an entire block of functional code on a whim, to opening portals to another dimension, OpenAI’s newly launched ChatGPT is a game changer with its possibilities seeming limited only by your limitedness.”

Gizmodo: The Best Ways To Find and Organize Your Phone’s Forgotten Photos. “Many of us are now carrying around so many digital images that they can easily get forgotten and ignored, gathering dust or whatever the virtual equivalent is as we move on to new adventures and new photos—after all, when is the last time you actually took a moment to browse back through your media library? This is a problem that the best photo apps know about, and there are ways to resurface classic images and videos from the past, without having to spend hours scrolling through brightly colored thumbnails.”


Wall Street Journal: Kids Don’t Want Cash Anymore–They Want ‘Robux’. “Roblox and other virtual economies are changing families’ conversations about money, and helping solve the perennial parenting problem of controlling how kids spend online.”

Internet Archive Blog: Public Domain Day 2023 Remix Contest: The Internet Archive is Looking For Creative Short Films Made By You!. “Public Domain Day is a celebration of all the rich materials that will be newly available to the public free of copyright restrictions. On January 1, 2023, most works published in 1927 will ascend into the Public Domain in the United States. We want artists to use this newly available content to create short films using resources from the Internet Archive’s collections from 1927.”


Search Engine Journal: WordPress Hit With Multiple Vulnerabilities In Versions Prior To 6.0.3. “WordPress published a security release to address multiple vulnerabilities discovered in versions of WordPress prior to 6.0.3. WordPress also updated all versions since WordPress 3.7.”

Bloomberg: Google Play Fee Suit by Consumers Grows to 21 Million Users. “Google now faces more than 21 million customers, instead of just a handful, in a lawsuit alleging its app store collects exorbitant fees. A federal judge exponentially increased the Alphabet Inc. unit’s damages exposure by granting class-action status… in a suit alleging that Google Play has abused its power over the sale and distribution of Android mobile applications.”

The Diplomat: The Implications of FTX’s Collapse for North Korea. “Some of America’s biggest banks are devising a plan to compensate customers who fall victim to scams on their Zelle payment network.”


VentureBeat: Quantum progress: How IBM, Microsoft, Google and Intel compare. “Established enterprise leaders like IBM, Microsoft and Google continue to make progress in quantum computing. As a result, quantum computers are getting bigger and achieving advantages over traditional tech in limited circumstances.”

Quanta Magazine: Crucial Computer Program for Particle Physics at Risk of Obsolescence. “Developed by the Dutch particle physicist Jos Vermaseren, FORM is a key part of the infrastructure of particle physics, necessary for the hardest calculations. However, as with surprisingly many essential pieces of digital infrastructure, FORM’s maintenance rests largely on one person: Vermaseren himself. And at 73, Vermaseren has begun to step back from FORM development. Due to the incentive structure of academia, which prizes published papers, not software tools, no successor has emerged. If the situation does not change, particle physics may be forced to slow down dramatically.”


Mike Shouts: UNO Goes Wild With Museum of Graffiti x UNO Deck!. “This latest collectible UNO card deck is dedicated to art buffs who appreciate the art of graffiti. Mattel has recently announced a partnership with the Museum of Graffiti to bring the unique artwork of eight legendary street artists from around the world to one of the most iconic card games ever.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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