Brian Friel, Linktree, Form Builders, More: Thursday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, December 15, 2022


The Irish News: New Brian Friel digital archive launched by Queen’s University. “QUEEN’S University Belfast has launched a Brian Friel digital archive providing access to drafts of the acclaimed Irish playwright’s works, including handwritten notes from some of his best known plays.”


Tubefilter: Here’s what Linktree’s 30 million users linked to in 2022. “Linktree’s 30 million users generated nearly 20 million clicks per month on monetized links. By tracking the destinations of those links, two big winners come to the fore: BeReal and TikTok.”


MakeUseOf: 5 Free Online Form Builders to Create Beautiful and Easy Surveys. “Google Forms is the internet’s favorite free form builder, and rightly so. You can do so much with it. But that doesn’t mean it’s the only form builder you should consider. A few new form builders are making the process more user-friendly in different ways, like Tally, which works like a Doc, or NueForm, which makes it easier to create ‘slide forms’ that show one question at a time.”


WIRED: A Row Erupts Over Texas’ Bold Bitcoin Battery Plan. “The plan to use crypto mines as giant batteries is controversial, to say the least. Ed Hirs, an energy fellow at the University of Houston, claims the battery analogy is ‘nonsense’ because miners don’t store and release energy, but rather only promise to stop consuming when it’s urgently needed elsewhere. And he disputes the idea that crypto mining will bring additional energy generation to the grid, which he describes as misdirection designed to distract from the price increases people will incur due to an overall rise in energy demand.”

The Verge: Livestreaming has gotten big, but is it business?. “Now, at any given moment, you can find thousands or even tens of thousands tuning in live to watch a court trial or a high school chemistry class or a Funko Pop collector selling his prized possession. How did we get to a point where livestreaming might be big business? We get into all that and more in the show.” ~36 minute podcast, I don’t see a link to a transcript.


CBS News: TikTok faces growing national security concerns: “It’s not just the collection or theft of that data”. “The Biden administration is investigating TikTok’s plan to house its data in the U.S. as part of a sweeping years-long review over whether the company’s ties to China are a national security threat. It’s unclear when the probe will end. And more scrutiny is on the way.”

The Register: Pwn2Own contest concludes with nearly $1m paid out to ethical hackers . “Pwn2Own paid out almost $1 million to bug hunters at last week’s consumer product hacking event in Toronto, but the prize money wasn’t big enough attract attempts at cracking the iPhone or Google Pixel because miscreants can score far more from less wholesome sources.”


TechCrunch: OpenAI’s attempts to watermark AI text hit limits. “Did a human write that, or ChatGPT? It can be hard to tell — perhaps too hard, its creator OpenAI thinks, which is why it is working on a way to ‘watermark’ AI-generated content. In a lecture at the University of Texas at Austin, computer science professor Scott Aaronson, currently a guest researcher at OpenAI, revealed that OpenAI is developing a tool for ‘statistically watermarking the outputs of a text [AI system].'”

Columbia News: What Is the State of Data Science Today?. “In recent years, the field of data science has exploded into the mainstream, and into our daily lives. Data science now touches nearly every aspect of society and affects how governments, the private sector, the healthcare profession, and many other vital sectors operate.”

Engadget: DeepMind created an AI tool that can help generate rough film and stage scripts. “Have you ever thought up an idea for a movie or play that you just know will be a smash hit, but haven’t gotten around to writing the script? Alphabet’s DeepMind has built an AI tool that can help get you started.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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