National Security Archive, Massachusetts Law Enforcement, Sports History, More: Thursday ResearchBuzz, December 15, 2022


National Security Archive: Archive Launches Newly Designed Russian Pages. “Today, the National Security Archive relaunched its platform of Russian-language primary sources featuring a new search engine that allows researchers to perform full-text searches of thousands of documents in Russian and a fresh design that makes the pages easier to read on mobile devices. The updated pages also include a newly published collection of correspondence between presidents Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin and updates to several existing document collections retrieved from Russian archives.”

New England Cable News: Mass. POST Commission Police Officer Database Unveiled. “The Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Commission announced Monday that it has released a list of certified law enforcement officers. This first iteration of the database includes information on 8,225 officers with last names A-H and 1,094 officers who have graduated from academies since Dec. 1, 2021. There are 9,322 records contributed from 431 different agencies…. Users can search for officers by name.”


UK Web Archiving Blog: Examining sports history through digitised & born digital resources. “The Irish Sporting Lives workshop and symposium took place at the Ulster University campus in Belfast from 11-12 November 2022. Day one took the form of a half day workshop aimed at PhD/ECR researchers. It focused both on imparting knowledge about how to research historical figures and how to write sporting biographies.”


Bing Blogs: HO HO HO! Microsoft and Bing Maps help NORAD track Santa!. “Working with Cesium, a platform for developers to build web-based 3D map apps, NORAD has built a 3D tracker that displays Santa’s whereabouts. The 3D tracker app uses Bing Maps satellite imagery to give a realistic texture to the 3D globe rendered by the CesiumJS library.”

PC World: Finally! Windows Snipping Tool will add screen recording. “The Windows Snipping Tool app is finally adding a screen recorder feature—a tool that PCWorld may care more about than you, honestly.”


TechCrunch: ShareGPT lets you easily share your ChatGPT conversations. “ShareGPT captures the full conversation with ChatGPT and generates a URL to share it with others. So instead of taking multiple screenshots of the conversation with the AI chatbot, you can directly share the URL… Once you have installed the Chrome extension, head to the ChatGPT website and kickstart the conversation with the bot.”

Make Tech Easier: 8 of the Most Useful Google Sheets Formulas. “Thanks to Google Sheets formulas, you can do far more than just perform general sorts or add columns. The most useful formulas go beyond adding, counting, and giving you averages, though all of those are useful too. Imagine if you could easily import just the data you needed into another spreadsheet or only count cells that match specific criteria. That’s just the start of what’s possible.”


ZDNet: Year-end recaps personify our unconscious love for social media–and numbers. “At the core of our desire to share our music taste with others is also a desire to fit in and find a community. When I first started college, someone told me to wear band tees because that was an easy way to find people who shared a common interest. The same concept applies to sharing your music preferences online with others.”

Museums Association: Project launched to create UK-wide digital collections database. “A plan to hugely improve access to digital collections data has been unveiled by Art UK, Collections Trust and the University of Leicester. The partnership is aiming is to create digital infrastructure that will pool millions of object records and share them for use by the public and researchers. The Museum Data Service will be launched in autumn 2023.”


BBC: Sam Bankman-Fried: FTX founder arrested in Bahamas. “Sam Bankman-Fried, founder of the collapsed cryptocurrency exchange FTX, has been arrested in The Bahamas, the country’s attorney general has said. He is scheduled to appear on Tuesday in a magistrates’ court in the Caribbean country’s capital, Nassau.”


Daily Beast: Gen Z Is Ready to Torpedo Social Media’s Echo Chambers. “Our social media feeds are complex and infinite. They are online spaces that are curated by algorithm data that predict what we like. By tracking our every move, social media will seamlessly find and give us content that is, as TikTok so presciently states, ‘for you.’ It seems that our decision to double tap or swipe up has bigger consequences than we think. And members of Gen Z, myself included, are anxious to see social media structures dismantled and reformed into something that we don’t have to fear.”

Open Access Government: Reading & deciphering ancient writing systems with AI. “Shai Gordin, Senior Lecturer at Digital Pasts Lab, Ariel University in Israel, provides intriguing insights about reading & deciphering ancient writing systems using AI.” Lots of links. Good morning, Internet…

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