Hayom Yom, Battle of Rhode Island Association, Ownership Costs for Electric Cars, More: Sunday ResearchBuzz, December 18, 2022


Anash: New Website Culls Resources On Hayom Yom. “Marking 80 years since the publication of the sefer Hayom Yom, a new website was launched to serve as a platform for all things Hayom Yom, including audio and video shiurim and other resources.”

What’s Up Newp: Battle of Rhode Island Association receives grants from the Society of the Cincinnati and the National Trust for Historic Preservation. “The website is an exchange of information about Rhode Island’s Revolutionary War events, many no longer nor widely known, from the earliest protests against the Royal Navy through the attack on the HMS Gaspee, British occupation, Siege of Newport, 1778 Battle, arrival of the French allies, and the march from Rhode Island to Yorktown.”

CleanTechnica: New Total Cost Of Ownership Tool For Electric Cars. “Various assumptions go into any cost of ownership analysis — gas price over the timeframe analyzed, electricity price over the same period, efficiencies of the cars being compared, resale value at the end of the comparison period, maintenance and operational costs, amount of cash put down at purchase, interest rate, and more! … The International Energy Agency (IEA) is now launching a tool of its own.”


Gizmodo: YouTube Will Tell You if You’re Being an Asshole in Comments. “YouTube wants you to stop being mean. As YouTube comments continue to serve as a place to harbor negativity and bad tempers, the platform is rolling out a way to let you know if your comment is too rude.”

The Verge: The Accord will be Honda’s first car to offer Google built-in. “The top-trim 2023 Honda Accord Touring will include Google services like the Play Store that can run Android apps, and the car can receive software updates over the air.”


Search Engine Journal: Google Launches Visual Guide To Search Elements. “For example, ask: ‘How do I customize the image that appears in search snippets?’ That question could refer to three different things: a text result image, an image thumbnail, or a favicon. The person asking the question may not find the help they want when using such vague terms. Google’s new guide makes it easy to identify the exact search element you need help with, so you can get more relevant answers.”


Stars and Stripes: Swipe right: New social app allows military spouses to connect, create friendships . “A 33-year-old Army spouse at the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, N.Y., has set his sights on solving the age-old problem for service members of how to make friends after a switch to a new duty station.”


Richmond Times-Dispatch: Richmond sheriff puts $1,385 price tag on Times-Dispatch request for routine payroll records. “In response to a Richmond Times-Dispatch request for payroll records about who the jail employs and how much they earn, Sheriff Antionette Irving’s records officer quoted a price of $1,385. Payroll records are explicitly not protected from FOIA under the Virginia Administrative Code. When they receive requests from the public, agency records officers estimate prices based on how many hours employees will need to produce the records. Sheriffs sign off on those labor estimates.”

Wall Street Journal: Rise of Open-Source Intelligence Tests U.S. Spies. “As Russian troops surged toward Ukraine’s border last fall, a small Western intelligence unit swung into action, tracking signs Moscow was preparing to invade. It drew up escape routes for its people and wrote twice-daily intelligence reports. The unit drafted and sent to its leaders an assessment on Feb. 16, 2022, that would be eerily prescient: Russia, it said, would likely invade Ukraine on Feb. 23, U.S. East Coast time.”

New York Times: A Traditional Exchange? FTX Was Anything But.. “Cryptocurrency trading platforms like FTX have acquired a sheen of legitimacy in recent years by billing themselves as exchanges — creating an association with staid and trusted financial institutions like the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq. But the implosion of FTX shows just how different crypto exchanges are from their more well known, and highly regulated, counterparts.”


Greater Greater Washington: A one-building quest to undelete suburban DC history. “What follows is the saga of identifying the original builder/tenant of this structure, and piecing together its history over half a century. It’s every bit as tricky and puzzling as detective work or archaeology. I love the challenge, and I also love uncovering bits of very recent, seemingly ordinary, and mostly forgotten commercial and land-use history. Enjoy.”

New York Times: The Nicest Place Online? It Might Just Involve Identifying Sea Slugs.. “As civil discourse online and off increasingly proves elusive, a website devoted to identifying plants and animals may be teaching humans how to get along.” Good morning, Internet…

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