Kino Lorber Documentaries, Twitter, Pastebin Alternatives, More: Sunday ResearchBuzz, January 1, 2023


My Modern Met: 80 Documentaries From Kino Lorber Are Free to Watch on YouTube. “Now, anyone interested in discovering more about their favorite artists, musicians, and cultural icons, can check out a playlist of documentaries from film distributor Kino Lorber. All 80 films—ranging from an hour to two hours long—are free to watch on YouTube. Among this diverse collection of documentaries are features dedicated to much-loved creative figures like M.C. Escher.”


New York Times: What’s Gone at Twitter? A Data Center, Janitors, Some Toilet Paper. . “Over the past few weeks, Twitter had stopped paying millions of dollars in rent and services, and Mr. Musk had told his subordinates to renegotiate those agreements or simply end them. The company has stopped paying rent at its Seattle office, leading it to face eviction, two people familiar with the matter said. Janitorial and security services have been cut, and in some cases employees have resorted to bringing their own toilet paper to the office.”

Krebs on Security: Happy 13th Birthday, KrebsOnSecurity!. “KrebsOnSecurity turns 13 years old today. That’s a crazy long time for an independent media outlet these days, but then again I’m bound to keep doing this as long as they keep letting me. Heck, I’ve been doing this so long I briefly forgot which birthday this was!”


MakeUseOf: The 4 Best Pastebin Alternatives for Sharing Code and Text. “The aptly named was the first text storage website of its kind. It’s used for easily storing and sharing snippets of code or text with other people online. But if you don’t care for it, you’ll find plenty of alternatives to Pastebin on the web. Let’s look at the best Pastebin alternatives you can use for storing text and code. We’ll examine their best features and why they’re worth using over the well-known service.”

Search Engine Journal: How The ChatGPT Watermark Works And Why It Could Be Defeated. “OpenAI’s ChatGPT introduced a way to automatically create content but plans to introduce a watermarking feature to make it easy to detect are making some people nervous. This is how ChatGPT watermarking works and why there may be a way to defeat it.”


Kyodo News: FOCUS: Japan’s imperial family eyeing social media to stay in touch. “Shunning social media, Japan’s imperial family has long been reluctant to open up about the daily lives of its members, but the year 2023 could be a turning point with the agency in charge of the family’s affairs set to explore the potential use of social media platforms as part of a new approach to public relations.”

Unseen Japan, and I did not plan for these two stories to end up beside each other. Just how the queue worked today: Google Translate Fail: Japan Restaurant Tells Customers “Go Away” in Korean. “‘Irasshaimase’ translates to ‘welcome’. However, when plugged into Google Translate, the phrase came out in Korean as 오지 마라 (oji mala). Plugging this back into Google Translate and translating it back into Japanese renders it as 来ないでください (konaide kudasai) – ‘don’t come’ or ‘please stay away’.”


Al Jazeera: Influencer Andrew Tate detained amid human trafficking probe. “Andrew Tate, a controversial British-American kickboxer-turned-internet personality, and his brother have been detained in Romania as part of an investigation into alleged human trafficking.”

The Verge: The LastPass disclosure of leaked password vaults is being torn apart by security experts. “While the company insists that your login information is still secure, some cybersecurity experts are heavily criticizing its post, saying that it could make people feel more secure than they actually are and pointing out that this is just the latest in a series of incidents that make it hard to trust the password manager.”


SFist: SF Emergency Room Physician Opens Up About Leaving Twitter Over Rampant COVID Misinformation. “A local doctor dedicated to debunking COVID-19 conspiracy theories is giving up that fight, on Twitter at least, claiming that misinformation is running wild on that platform. And the data backs up that claim.”

Wall Street Journal: Europe Taps Tech’s Power-Hungry Data Centers to Heat Homes. “Electricity-hungry data centers are seeing huge growth in usage, leading to pressure from European officials to funnel the excess heat generated by their computer chips into municipal heating networks. After years of discussions about putting residual heat to work rather than simply venting it outdoors, more such projects are becoming a reality.”

WIRED: Coming Soon: More Ways to Be Yourself in the Metaverse . “We’ll see more people—across most age groups—get a digital representation in 2023 and customize their avatars. Eventually, every person will have one. And people won’t just use someone else’s creation. They will make their very own, from head to toe, reflecting their style, personality, and physique.” Good morning, Internet…

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