January 6, India Supreme Court, Internet Archive, More: Monday ResearchBuzz, January 2, 2023


Spotted on Twitter: a new Web site housing the January 6 report. There’s a chaptered and searchable version of the report, of course, but there’s also an “Attack Timeline” which provides information about what happened when, mapped out on a 3d model of the Capitol. Impressive.

Live Law (India): CJI DY Chandrachud Launches E-SCR Project For Digital Version Of Judgments Reported In Supreme Court Reports . “The e-SCR Project is an initiative to provide the digital version of the Supreme Court’s judgments in the manner as they are reported in the official law report – ‘Supreme Court Reports’. This is a project which, in essence, endeavours to take a step forward towards fulfilling the objective of digitization of Indian Judiciary and underlines the vision to bring in a positive change for the benefit of all the stakeholders of justice, primarily litigants and members of the Bar as also the High Courts, National Law University, Judicial Academies, etc.”


Internet Archive Blog: Welcoming 1927 to the Public Domain. “This year we are welcoming works from 1927 into the public domain in the United States, including books, periodicals, sheet music, and movies.” Good roundup with lots of links.

The Guardian: Andrew Tate arrest: TikTok and Twitter under fire over false posts from fans. “Social media firms are under fire this weekend for allowing the spread of misinformation by followers of ‘king of toxic masculinity’ Andrew Tate after his arrest in connection with a human trafficking investigation. In the hours after his detention, TikTok and Twitter were flooded with posts falsely claiming he had been freed and conspiracy theories saying he had been set up, Observer analysis shows.”


How-To Geek: 10 Discord Features You Should Be Using. “Discord’s core functionality, like sending text messages or joining voice calls, isn’t hard to figure out if you’ve used other modern messaging platforms. There’s also a pile of additional features available for paying Discord Nitro subscribers. However, other features are less obvious, or have uses you may not have thought about.”


The Moscow Times: Yandex Co-Founder Bids Farewell to Partitioned Russian Tech Giant. “The co-founder of Yandex, Arkady Volozh, announced on Friday that he was leaving the Russian tech giant, addressing a farewell letter to the firm’s employees, in which he described Yandex as ‘the project of my life’ and the plan to restructure the company as ‘reasonable and necessary.'”

Dawn (Pakistan): What Pakistan stands to gain if Google opens shop. “Over the years, officials clai­m­­ed multiple times that compan­ies have agreed to establish their presence in Pakistan, but nothing substantial came out of it. Last month, it was reported that Google has decided to open a liaison or representative office in Pakistan. The move was unlike the past claims, as the California, US-based search engine giant also obtained a registration certificate from the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).”

Polygon: How NFT video games crashed and burned. “Less than 12 months ago, it felt as if 2022 would be the year NFTs took off in the video game world. Companies like EA, Ubisoft, Square Enix, Zynga, Niantic, and Take-Two Interactive all, at one point, said that they were brainstorming ways to add NFTs into their games. The idea being that non-fungible tokens would replace everything from loot boxes to character skins to even characters themselves. But none of that ended up happening.”


WIRED: The Worst Hacks of 2022. “Here’s WIRED’s look back on the year’s worst breaches, leaks, ransomware attacks, state-sponsored hacking campaigns, and digital takeovers. If the first years of the 2020s are any indication, the digital security field in 2023 will be more bizarre and unpredictable than ever. Stay alert, and stay safe out there.”

Wall Street Journal: FTX Collapse Puts Crypto Industry on the Defensive in Congress. “The collapse of FTX has eroded cryptocurrency firms’ standing in Washington, dimming the prospects for industry-backed legislation and raising pressure on regulators to step up enforcement. Since the crypto-trading platform’s November bankruptcy, lawmakers have called for federal regulators such as the Securities and Exchange Commission to police cryptocurrency markets more aggressively.”

Bleeping Computer: Ransomware gang apologizes, gives SickKids hospital free decryptor. “The LockBit ransomware gang has released a free decryptor for the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), saying one of its members violated rules by attacking the healthcare organization. SickKids is a teaching and research hospital in Toronto that focuses on providing healthcare to sick children.”


Techdirt: New Year’s Message: The Opportunity To Build A Better Internet Is Here. Right Now.. “For large parts of this year, I actually wondered if there was really that much to be optimistic about in tech, but over the last few months I have to admit that I’ve been the most optimistic I’ve been in a long time. I previewed just some of my thinking just about a week ago when I noted that I can’t see any reason for anyone to invest time in building up a social graph on yet another centralized social media network, now that we’re seeing how a decentralized one can actually work, and work well.” Good morning, Internet…

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