USITC Investigations, St. Louis Cardinals, Twitter, More: Monday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, January 16, 2023


United States International Trade Commission: USITC Launches New Investigations Database System . “The United States International Trade Commission (USITC) today deployed the Investigations Database System (IDS), an innovative new data management tool that captures, manages, and displays USITC investigation-related information…. A major new feature is the ability to conduct quick searches and advanced searches of the centralized investigation database that generate in-depth search results across multiple practice areas, providing new perspectives and value-added insights for users.”

UniWatch: More Research Leads to Incredibly Comprehensive St. Louis Cardinals Uni/Logo Database. “Oliver has now created an incredible online database (similar to the Gridiron Uniform Database or Dressed to the Nines), in which Oliver ‘redrew all our uniform models and reincorporated all of our new research,’ to create the most comprehensive collection of the logos and uniforms of the Cards!”


Engadget: Twitter may have deliberately cut off third-party clients like Tweetbot. “Since Thursday evening, many of the most popular apps you can use to scroll Twitter without going through the company’s own software, including Tweetbot and Twitterrific, have not worked, with no official communication from Twitter. On Sunday, The Information shared messages from Twitter’s internal Slack channels that suggest the company is aware of the outage and likely the cause of it as well.”


Smithsonian: National Museum of American History Will Preserve Alexander Graham Bell’s Experimental Sound Recordings. “The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History will embark this fall on a new round of sound recovery to restore some of the world’s earliest recordings. … the work will focus on hundreds of records created by Alexander Graham Bell and his colleagues at Volta Laboratory in Washington, D.C., and at Bell’s property in Baddeck, Nova Scotia, between 1881 and 1892.”

Rolling Stone: Far-Right Superstars Are Failing on Rumble. Who’s Winning?. “The outsider streaming site that just partnered up with Donald Trump Jr. is growing — but not in the way most people think.”


The Guardian: Saudi prosecutors seek death penalty for academic over social media use. “A prominent pro-reform law professor in Saudi Arabia is facing the death penalty for alleged crimes including having a Twitter account and using WhatsApp to share news considered ‘hostile’ to the kingdom, according to court documents seen by the Guardian.”

Discovered on Mastodon: Stable Diffusion Litigation. From the home page: “On behalf of three won­der­ful artist plain­tiffs—Sarah Ander­sen, Kelly McK­er­nan, and Karla Ortiz—we’ve filed a class-action law­suit against Sta­bil­ity AI, DeviantArt, and Mid­jour­ney for their use of Sta­ble Dif­fu­sion, a 21st-cen­tury col­lage tool that remixes the copy­righted works of mil­lions of artists whose work was used as train­ing data. Join­ing as co-coun­sel are the ter­rific lit­i­ga­tors Brian Clark and Laura Mat­son of Lock­ridge Grindal Nauen P.L.L.P.”


ZDNet: Can AI detectors save us from ChatGPT? I tried 3 online tools to find out. “With the sudden arrival of ChatGPT, educators and editors are facing a worrying surge of automated content submissions. We look at the problem and what might be done.”

University of Calgary: Transdisciplinary UCalgary team investigates ethical use of AI in post-secondary. “New research shows that the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in academic settings is leading to a decline in the integrity of academic work. As AI technology continues to advance, it is becoming easier and easier for students to cheat on assignments and exams.

Sounds convincing and attention grabbing, right? The only thing you need to know about the first paragraph of this story is that it wasn’t written by a human.”


Washington Post: A Yorkie was dognapped. A man who hunted al-Qaeda came to the rescue.. “Most stolen dogs are never recovered, but what followed was an improbable effort to crack the identity of the dognapper. It brought together [Raquel] Witherspoon, neighbors, TV news, police and a former Marine Corps intelligence operator who offered skills he honed on the battlefields of Iraq to capture al-Qaeda fighters.” I didn’t know that Instagram trick. That’s a good one. Good afternoon, Internet…

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