Encord Active, Australia Cultural Heritage, Amateur Radio Archives, More: Wednesday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, February 1, 2023


BusinessWire: Encord Launches Open Source Active Learning Toolkit to Speed Up Real-World Applications of Computer Vision (PRESS RELEASE). “Encord, the platform for data-centric computer vision, has released Encord Active, a free open source industry agnostic toolkit that enables machine learning (ML) engineers and data scientists to understand and improve their training data quality and help boost model performance.”


Government of Australia: National Cultural Policy launched. “The policy will stimulate new employment and training opportunities, ensure creative workers can access fair remuneration and safe work environments, and that intellectual property rights of our creators are protected. It also recognises the crucial place of First Nations stories and the importance of self-determination.”

Internet Archive Blog: Archive for Amateur Radio Grows to 51,000 Items. “Internet Archive’s Digital Library of Amateur Radio & Communications is quickly growing to become an important archive of radio’s past and present. The collection has blossomed to well over 51,000 items related to ham radio, shortwave listening, scanners, and related communications. The newest additions include books, journals and magazines, newsletters, and archives of early Internet discussion lists.”


BBC: Bird charity locked out of Twitter during Big Garden Birdwatch. “A bird conservation charity said it had been locked out of its Twitter account for eight days after posting several tweets about woodcock. The Norfolk-based British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) lost access to its account at a time when BBC Winterwatch was covering the Big Garden Birdwatch.”

Museums + Heritage Advisor: Royal Northern College of Museum’s archive project make thousands of recordings public. “The Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM) has announced a new archive project, Throwing Open the Concert Doors, which is set to conserve and digitise thousands of RNCM recordings, making them publicly available online and via a new interactive heritage booth installed at the College. Recordings of performances from student recitals to full scale opera productions dating back to 1973 will be conserved and digitised, some from magnetic reel and tape.”

34th Street: Explore and Transform: A Look into the World of Fanfiction. “Fanfiction has often been stigmatized for its focus on erotica and romance. It’s time to rewrite that narrative.”


The Guardian: ACCC to crack down on misleading influencer endorsements across social media. “Australia’s consumer watchdog is taking a close look at more than 100 social media influencers after receiving tip offs that they might not be disclosing sponsored content.”

CNN: FBI seizes website used by notorious ransomware gang. “FBI officials since July have had extraordinary access to the so-called Hive ransomware group’s computer networks, FBI Director Christopher Wray said at a news conference, allowing the bureau to pass computer ‘keys’ to victims so that they could decrypt their systems and thwart $130 million in ransom payments.”


Leiden University: Citizen scientists discover more than 1,000 new burial mounds. “In total, over 6,500 people worked on the project and identified thousands of potential archaeological objects, such as burial mounds (c. 2,800-500 BC), Celtic fields (prehistoric field complexes dating from 1,100 to 200 BC), charcoal kilns (places where wood was burned to make charcoal) and cart tracks.”

Twin Cities Business: ChatGPT Took U of M Law School Exams. It Got a C+. “The paper, titled ‘ChatGPT Goes to Law School,’ compared the chatbot’s performance on law exams to actual students’ scores. The exams included both essay questions and multiple-choice questions. Instructors who graded the exams weren’t told which responses were written by the chatbot and which were written by students. The upshot? ChatGPT received a C+, ‘achieving a low but passing grade in all four courses,’ according to the paper.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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