Air Toxics at School, Gut-Friendly Recipes, Google Maps, More: Friday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, February 10, 2023


New-to-Me, from University of Massachusetts Amherst: Umass Amherst Political Economy Research Institute Updates Tool Tracking Air Pollution At Every U.S. School. “The tool, Air Toxics at School, reports toxicity-weighted concentrations of pollutants to show the comparative individual chronic health risk from industrial toxic air pollution at each K-12 and higher-education institution identified in databases maintained by the U.S. Department of Education.”

WebMD: IBD and Eating: New Website Offers ‘Gut Friendly’ Recipes . “The Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation, in conjunction with Nestlé Health Sciences, launched the Gut Friendly Recipes site Jan. 31 to help people create meals without missing out on nutrition…. People can search for specific recipes based on their needs, filter meals by dietary exclusions, ingredients, and allergens, or create a 7-day meal plan.”


Engadget: Google Maps’ Immersive View is rolling out in five cities. “At I/O 2022, Google revealed an Immersive View feature for Maps that uses computer vision and AI to combine Street View and aerial photography into a 3D format. The idea is to create a detailed perspective of buildings and other aspects of the environment. The feature is rolling out in five cities today.”

TechCrunch: Twitter puts its developer community website behind a login after announcing new API pricing . “Twitter announced its new API pricing earlier today, saying that its basic tier with “low usage” will cost $100 a month. When developers trying to seek clarity around new rules went to the developer forum website, they found that the site had been put behind a login.”


MakeUseOf: The 5 Best 3D Scanner Apps for Android: Turn Real Objects Into Digital Models . “Have you ever wanted to turn real objects into digital models for use in your 3D design work? It can be hard to find the right tools for photogrammetry. Luckily, there are a few 3D scanning apps for Android devices that make it easy to capture object data. Here, we’ll show you the best apps out there—each with its own strengths and use cases—that will make it easier than ever to create your next awesome product design.”


NPR: Google shares drop $100 billion after its new AI chatbot makes a mistake. “Google’s parent company, Alphabet, lost $100 billion in market value on Wednesday after its new artificial intelligence technology produced a factual error in an ad demo.”

Michigan Daily: Getting to the core of it: Why corecore is more than just another TikTok trend. “Although the trend lacks a standardized framework, corecore focuses on the creator using multiple types of media, including music, movies, podcast clips and images, combined into a short video. At its core, these videos attempt to convey a given emotion through a conglomeration of different media. Usually, the focus of a corecore video is some sort of nihilistic perspective on society.”


Courthouse News Service: Social media’s harm to kids: The next blockbuster lawsuit?. “Hundreds of families have already filed individual suits over alleged harm to children from social media, but a new case in Seattle is doing something different. It is the first to be brought by government officials, specifically a public school district, using a ‘public nuisance’ theory. In other industries, the same potent combination has led to billion-dollar settlements.”

Bloomberg: Twitter Accused of Stiffing Another Vendor Tied to Musk Buyout. “Analysis Group Inc., of Boston, said it’s trying to collect $2.2 million in unpaid bills for work it performed last summer and fall to support company lawyers wrangling to enforce Musk’s buyout offer in Delaware Chancery Court.” This is different from another consultant lawsuit that was filed last week.


PsyPost: Exposure to social media can increase adolescent materialism but can be tempered with high self-esteem and mindfulness. “New research published in The Journal of Psychology finds that increased utilization of internet-based social networks results in increased upward social comparison, subsequently increasing materialism. However, these effects decreased depending on how mindful the subject tended to be and how high their self-esteem.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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