Anti-Racism Resources, Health Care Vitals, Gannett Comments, More: Friday ResearchBuzz, February 10, 2023


University of Michigan: Beyond Rhetoric offers road map for responding to racism as a public health crisis. ‘The research team is sharing what they learn on their website, where they’ve created a searchable database of anti-racism resources ranging from peer-reviewed journal articles to videos, podcasts and magazine articles.’

PR Newswire: HCCI Releases a New, Free Data Tool to Track Use of Health Care Services Vital to Improving U.S. Health Care System (PRESS RELEASE). “The Health Care Cost Institute (HCCI) has released a new data dashboard — Health Care Vitals — compiling national, state and local data sources highlighting the use of dozens of health care services from insured people in the United States.”


Poynter: Gannett ends online comments for a majority of its news sites. “Gannett ended online commenting for most of its news sites Wednesday, citing difficulties in dedicating staff to moderate comment sections.”


MakeUseOf: 5 New Web Search Apps to Make Google Better or Replace Google. “These new search apps offer different ways to make Google better. Some augment search results with ChatGPT or social media searches, while others offer features that Google has discarded or never offered.” Only the first one is ChatGPT. I wouldn’t do that to you.


India Times: Youth Organisation Appoints ChatGPT AI Bot As Its CEO, Calls It ‘Groundbreaking’. “When ChatGPT went public last year, it was praised for its quick content creation abilities and the potential hidden therein. Regardless, many critics were sceptical of its capabilities, suggesting that it is susceptible to making errors. That didn’t stop an Indian youth organisation from appointing ChatGPT as its CEO.”

CNN: SpaceX admits blocking Ukrainian troops from using satellite technology. “The president of SpaceX revealed the company has taken active steps to prevent Ukrainian forces from using the critical Starlink satellite technology with Ukrainian drones that are a key component of their fight against Russia.”

CNBC: Yahoo to lay off 20% of staff by year-end, beginning this week. “Yahoo will lay off more than 20% of its workforce by the end of 2023, eliminating 1,000 positions this week alone, the company said in a statement Thursday.”


Reddit: We had a security incident. Here’s what we know.. “Based on our investigation so far, Reddit user passwords and accounts are safe, but on Sunday night (pacific time), Reddit systems were hacked as a result of a sophisticated and highly-targeted phishing attack. They gained access to some internal documents, code, and some internal business systems.”

WIRED: Want to Delete Your Twitter DMs? Good Luck With That. “People in Europe are making GDPR requests to have their private messages erased, but Elon’s team is ignoring them.”

Washington Post: Extremist influencers are generating millions for Twitter, report says. “Elon Musk’s restoration of 10 Twitter accounts that were banned under the platform’s previous management has generated enough engagement since they returned to the platform to likely generate $19 million in advertising revenue annually, a nonprofit dedicated to countering hate speech online has concluded.”


New York Times: Steve Bannon’s Podcast Is Top Misinformation Spreader, Study Says. “In a study released on Thursday by the Brookings Institution, Mr. Bannon’s show was crowned the top peddler of false, misleading and unsubstantiated statements among political podcasts.”

University of Bristol: Research finds public broadly favour taking action to stop spread of harmful misinformation online. “The majority of people support robust action being taken to control the spread of harmful misinformation via social media, a major new study reveals.” Good morning, Internet…

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