UK Military Veterans, New Zealand Landlords, Google, More: Monday ResearchBuzz, February 13, 2023


UK Authority: Veterans Data Dashboard live. “The Office for Veterans’ Affairs (OVA) has launched a Veterans Data Dashboard with information on ex-armed forces personnel. It brings together data from different public bodies for the first time, provides scope for veterans and the public to learn about the community, and information on support services. Functions include the ability to scroll through data on issues such as population, housing, mental health and employment.”

Stuff New Zealand: New website revealing how many properties landlords own is under investigation. “While the website… which launched on Wednesday, was using publicly available information, a number of concerns had been raised about it, and some landlords were concerned it would stir up resentment. On Friday, the New Zealand Privacy Foundation said it breached the law and ethics around privacy, and LINZ announced it was looking into the website.”


Associated Press: Google to expand misinformation “prebunking” in Europe. “After seeing promising results in Eastern Europe, Google will initiate a new campaign in Germany that aims to make people more resilient to the corrosive effects of online misinformation. The tech giant plans to release a series of short videos highlighting the techniques common to many misleading claims.” Now do Nigeria!


Mashable: What is subtle merch? Cracking the coded messages of fandom that are all over TikTok . “Far from the mass-produced concert tee or branded figurine, ‘subtle merch’ or your fave ‘coded’ items are deeply personal to fans, often homemade, and signal a fan’s knowledge or insider status within a given fandom.”

Times of Israel: Bosnia’s Jewish community putting together an archive for an eventual museum. “As their numbers dwindle, Bosnia’s Jewish community is creating an archive of Balkan Jewish history, including documents, photographs, artifacts, and genealogies to preserve the Bosnian Jewish story.”

Gizmodo: ‘Inaccurate Calculation’ Leaves Laid Off Google Employees Confused About Severance Package. “Google miscalculated the number of stocks laid-off employees were told they would receive as part of a severance package last month. The company laid off 12,000 employees, marking the largest round of layoffs since Google’s inception.”


Carey Lening: Legal Summary Magic: I Used GPT3 & Python to Simplify Dense Cases. “This post explores a little experiment using OpenAI’s GPT3, Google Collab, Python and this interesting hack to summarize CJEU cases. And it wasn’t a total failure!”

Ars Technica: Hackers are selling a service that bypasses ChatGPT restrictions on malware. “Hackers have devised a way to bypass ChatGPT’s restrictions and are using it to sell services that allow people to create malware and phishing emails, researchers said on Wednesday.”


NewsWise: ETRI, releasing multilingual speech recognition with 24 languages. “The Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute(ETRI) has developed a multilingual speech recognition technology that understand 24 languages including Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Russian and south Asian language.”

Tubefilter: An annual study of kids’ habits found that they average 107 minutes per day on TikTok. “If the U.S. government follows through on its proposal to ban TikTok, it will have a lot of angry teens on its hands. A recent survey published by parental control service Qustodio suggests that young consumers are spending more time on TikTok than ever before. According to the report, the average TikTok user between the ages of 4 and 18 spent 107 minutes per day on the app in 2022.”

New York Times: Americans Flunked This Test on Online Privacy. “Many consumers want control over their personal details. But few understand how online tracking works, says a new report from the University of Pennsylvania.”


Route Fifty: Ranking the Best and Worst City Flags. “For the first time in nearly 20 years, a group of flag enthusiasts has released survey results grading the municipal banners, many of which have undergone recent redesigns.” Good morning, Internet…

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