Viz Media Anime, Cheyenne Frontier Days, Bing Search API, More: Monday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, February 20, 2023


Engadget: Viz Media makes ‘Sailor Moon’ and other anime classics available for free on YouTube. “Viz Media has uploaded some of the most well-known anime series out there to YouTube and made them available to stream for free. You can now find shows such as Sailor Moon — the old series that aired in the 90s, not the remake, Sailor Moon Crystal — Naruto, Death Note, Inuyasha and Hunter X Hunter on the publisher’s account.”

Wyoming Tribune-Eagle: The CFD experience is now at your fingertips. “In partnership with West Edge Collective, the local marketing and content creation firm, the history of [Cheyenne Frontier Days] — from behind-the-scenes footage to historical events — has been made available to the masses both in person and in a digital archive.”


Ghacks: Microsoft increases Bing Search API pricing by up to 1000%. “Microsoft announced a pricing update for the companies Bing Search API recently that increases the price by up to 1000% for some transactions.”

WIRED: Roblox Is Bringing Generative AI to Its Gaming Universe. “ROBLOX IS TESTING a tool that could accelerate the process of building and altering in-game objects by getting artificial intelligence to write the code. The tool lets anyone playing Roblox create items such as buildings, terrain, and avatars; change the appearance and behavior of those things; and give them new interactive properties by typing what they want to achieve in natural language rather than complex code.”


Binghamton University: Modern scribes: How medieval books go from parchment to the cloud. “In her new book, Digital Codicology: Medieval Books and Modern Labor, [Professor Bridget Whearty] introduces readers to the digitization process and the highly trained professionals who perform this work.”

MIT Technology Review: The ChatGPT-fueled battle for search is bigger than Microsoft or Google. “…a new wave of startups have been playing with many of the same chatbot-enhanced search tools for months. launched a search chatbot back in December and has been rolling out updates since. A raft of other companies, such as Perplexity, Andi, and Metaphor, are also combining chatbot apps with upgrades like image search, social features that let you save or continue search threads started by others, and the ability to search for information just seconds old.” Of the blizzard of new search engines we’ve seen in the last few months, I like the best.


Mashable: Yes, the Equifax breach settlement emails are real. “Just like no one ever asked to be born, no one asked to have a credit score, and yet we all do. And now, unlike in your actual life, you may be entitled to financial compensation for simply having a credit score, thanks to Equifax. Why you may ask? Payments in the 2017 Equifax data breach are finally being disbursed and users across social media are asking if they’re real, if so, are they getting a payment too? And why is the payment so small?”

Washington Post: FTC launches technology office to keep up with Silicon Valley giants. “The Federal Trade Commission on Friday is launching an Office of Technology to aid efforts to rein in the fast-moving tech sector, which has emerged as a major focus under Democratic Chair Lina Khan, in an announcement shared exclusively with The Technology 202.”


Financial Times: Man beats machine at Go in human victory over AI. “Kellin Pelrine, an American player who is one level below the top amateur ranking, beat the machine by taking advantage of a previously unknown flaw that had been identified by another computer. But the head-to-head confrontation in which he won 14 of 15 games was undertaken without direct computer support.”

PsyPost: Smartphone checking predicts more daily cognitive failures, study finds. “More frequent smartphone checking behavior is associated with greater incidences of daily cognitive failures, according to new research published in the British Journal of Psychology. However, the new findings also indicate that some forms of screen time are actually associated with reduced cognitive failures.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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