Sons of the American Legion, The Feminist Institute, Google, More: Friday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, March 10, 2023


American Legion: 50 years of Sons of The American Legion newsletters now available. “More than 1,400 pages of Sons of The American Legion newsletters are now available through the American Legion Digital Archive. Digitization of this material was made possible by the Sons organization to support their upcoming centennial. The newly available newsletters focus on national SAL activities, particularly national meetings. For the first time, early activities of squadrons and detachments can be explored in the Legion Heir newsletter.”

The Feminist Institute: It’s here! The Feminist Institute gives power to marginalized voices through the launch of the TFI Digital Archive. “The TFI Digital Archive is a postcustodial digital archive with feminist primary source documentation from records creators, organizations, independent memory projects, and collecting institutions. The launch archive provides digital access to materials preserved through TFI’s partnership program, encompassing digitizing analog items and preserving born-digital materials.”


Engadget: Google can now translate text from images on the web. “Google Translate on the web can now convert text from images. It uses the same tech as the AR Translate tool for Google Lens, which performs real-time translations on smartphones.”

Digital Trends: Grammarly’s new ChatGPT-like AI generator can do a lot more than proofread your writing. “Grammarly, one of the biggest names in writing tools, is adding AI-generated text to its repertoire on the heels of the wild popularity of ChatGPT. Known as GrammarlyGO, this new tool is focused on improving writing rather than replacing the writer.”


Smithsonian: Cooper Hewitt Announces Formal Establishment of Digital Curatorial Department. “Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum today announced the formal establishment of the Digital curatorial department, which will collect and care for born-digital work. This new collecting department will be led by Andrea Lipps, the founding head of digital, who will frame, build and manage the digital collection and its stewardship.”

What’s on Weibo: Chinese Tourism Bureau Chiefs Go Viral for Trying Really, Really Hard to Attract More Post-Covid Domestic Tourists. “Hoping to attract more domestic tourists in the post-Covid-era, Chinese local government officials are trying really hard to promote their hometowns. Various tourism bureau chiefs from across China are going viral on Weibo, Douyin, and beyond for dressing up in traditional outfits and creating original videos with low to zero budget.”


KATU: Bill would allow homeowner to remove racist, discriminatory language from Oregon deeds. “Oregon lawmakers are once again trying to make it easier for homeowners to remove racist language from their housing deeds…. House Bill 3294 directs counties to create an archive where the racist documents will be stored, but they would no longer be visible in the chain of title.”


Duke University Libraries: ChatGPT and Fake Citations. “What you may not know about ChatGPT is that it has significant limitations as a reliable research assistant. One such limitation is that it has been known to fabricate or ‘hallucinate’ (in machine learning terms) citations. These citations may sound legitimate and scholarly, but they are not real.”

University of New Mexico: How social media big data helps us better understand social dynamics. “If tweets are measured in characters and a picture is worth a thousand words, what do you get when you combine and examine thousands or even millions of social media posts at once? The answer is a lot of data and researchers at The University of New Mexico use it to study social dynamics and human behavior.”


Oregon State University: Watch chickens hatch on OSU Extension’s popular livestream. “For the 10th year, the world can watch chickens hatch via the Oregon State University Extension Service livestream. The livestream started today and will document the chicks as they hatch. The cameras will remain on until March 16. The expected hatch date is March 14.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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