Shigeru Miyamoto Interviews, Covid-19 Data Hub, Twitch, More: Monday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, March 13, 2023


Nintendo Life: Random: Fan Compiles Archive Of Over 450 Interviews From Shigeru Miyamoto. “In what must have been an incredible effort, one person has managed to compile over 450 interviews, appearances, writings, and recordings of Shigeru Miyamoto between 1985 and today. SpriteCell has created The Shigeru Miyamoto Archive, a one-stop shop for all sorts of Shigeru Miyamoto chats, interviews, discussions, Direct appearances, E3 appearances — you name it. Every single item, where possible, has been documented, sourced, and sometimes even scanned in.” Mr. Miyamoto is considered one of the greatest video game creators of all time.


Johns Hopkins University: Johns Hopkins Covid-19 Data Hub Ends After Three Years. “Johns Hopkins University & Medicine’s Coronavirus Resource Center ceased collecting and reporting COVID-19 data today—three years after the institution embarked on the unprecedented effort of publicly tracking and analyzing an unfolding pandemic in real time.” The end collection date was March 10.

Tubefilter: Twitch will permaban streamers who create, share, or promote deepfakes. “Twitch has updated its policies to explicitly ban ‘intentionally promoting, creating, or sharing’ deepfake NSFW images.”


MakeUseOf: A Beginner’s Guide to Video Aspect Ratios . “As a viewer, you may not always notice the difference in aspect ratios. However, as a content creator, it’s crucial to understand aspect ratios to produce high-quality video content. In this article, you will learn about aspect ratios in videos. We’ll explore some of the most popular aspect ratios used today and which ones to use in your projects.” Indexing this for me if nobody else.


MIT Technology Review: Meet the AI expert who says we should stop using AI so much. “In More than a Glitch, [Professor Meredith] Broussard argues that we are consistently too eager to apply artificial intelligence to social problems in inappropriate and damaging ways. Her central claim is that using technical tools to address social problems without considering race, gender, and ability can cause immense harm.”

Mashable: Fans of girl group Twice can now visit their own digital world on Roblox. “Fans of South Korean girl group Twice have a new digital hang out in Roblox. In celebration of their new EP Ready to Be, which drops on Friday, the group has collaborated with the global gaming platform to create ‘Twice Square.'”

BBC: TikTok users shrug at China fears: ‘It’s hard to care’. “TikTok has been banned on government networks and devices in the US, Canada and the European Union. But are the moves having any effect?”


WIRED: A Face Recognition Site Crawled the Web for Dead People’s Photos. “The company, which has trawled social media for images but now says it scrapes only publicly available sources, has been criticized for collecting images of children and accused of facilitating stalking and abuse. (Gobronidze, who took over PimEyes in January 2022, says that this criticism predates his tenure at PimEyes, and that the company’s policies have since changed.)”


SOAS University of London: Is disinformation during natural disasters an emerging vulnerability?. “Thanks to climate change, more natural disasters are coming, and they’re becoming more powerful and more impactful. The disaster-disinformation nexus offers unique conditions for powerful and frequent influence campaigns against communities at their most vulnerable. And while this hasn’t been a large problem yet, indicators of its coming abound.”

Hindustan Times: The custodial death of Indian history. “The custodial death of Indian history is all but certain. The funds or expertise required to preserve and manage archives will not be available on the required scale. A few high-profile archives will survive, but the bulk will perish. The only hope is to digitise all surviving records and make them freely available on a well-designed, user-friendly platform.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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