National Diet Library Japan, Client-Side GPT-3, Pokémon Archives, More: Tuesday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, March 14, 2023


National Diet Library, Japan: 320,000 items from the National Diet Library Digital Collections have been made available via the Digitized Contents Transmission Service. “The National Diet Library has made roughly 320,000 items (ZIP: 45.7MB) from the National Diet Library Digital Collections newly available via the Digitized Contents Transmission Service, as detailed below.”


Ars Technica: You can now run a GPT-3-level AI model on your laptop, phone, and Raspberry Pi. “Things are moving at lightning speed in AI Land. On Friday, a software developer named Georgi Gerganov created a tool called ‘llama.cpp’ that can run Meta’s new GPT-3-class AI large language model, LLaMA, locally on a Mac laptop. Soon thereafter, people worked out how to run LLaMA on Windows as well. Then someone showed it running on a Pixel 6 phone, and next came a Raspberry Pi (albeit running very slowly).”


Kotaku: We’re Losing More Than We Realize When These Classic Pokémon Games Get Pulled. “The 3DS and Wii U eShops are two weeks away from shutting down on March 27 and taking digital access to the system’s library with them in the process. From a preservation standpoint, this is already a travesty, but for the Pokémon series, this is going to have a particularly devastating effect on the access and functionality of the entire franchise.”

Ars Technica: TikTok accused of mishandling sexual harassment allegations. “TikTok has been accused of mishandling allegations of sexual misconduct and harassment against a senior manager in London, highlighting longstanding concerns about the working culture at the fast-growing social media platform.”


United Nations: Myanmar: Social media companies must stand up to junta’s online terror campaign say UN experts. “Myanmar’s military junta is orchestrating an online campaign of terror, and weaponising social media platforms to crush democratic opposition, UN experts* said today.” The * looks a little odd but it just leads to a footnote listing sixteen experts by name.

Euractiv: France to regulate social media influencers. “The French government is set to present a plan to better regulate the commercial work of social media influencers to ensure they, as well as the consumers of their content, are better protected, Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire told Franceinfo on Monday.”

CNBC: SEC and Justice Department reportedly investigating SVB’s collapse, including insider stock sales. “The Securities and Exchange Commission and the Justice Department are investigating how Silicon Valley Bank became the second largest bank failure in U.S. history, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday. The probes, which are separate and in preliminary phases, include looking into stock sales that SVB executives’ conducted ahead of the tech-focused bank’s collapse, the Journal reported, citing people familiar with the matter.”


UConn Today: Pick a Card, Any Card: Undergrad Startup Combines Flashcards with Augmented Reality for Neurodivergent Students. “In traditional classrooms, young students might spend the day sitting still for extended periods while listening to teachers talk, sometimes too fast. It’s not a system that works for all, often leaving behind those who learn differently, such as neurodivergent students with conditions like dyslexia, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or autism. Justin Nappi ’24 (CLAS) and Sudiksha Mallick ’23 (CLAS) hope to change that.”

BusinessWire: Cambridge Launches AI Research Ethics Policy (PRESS RELEASE). “The rules are set out in the first AI ethics policy from Cambridge University Press and apply to research papers, books and other scholarly works. They include a ban on AI being treated as an ‘author’ of academic papers and books published by Cambridge University Press.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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