Microsoft, Open Records, Digital Decluttering, More: Saturday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, March 18, 2023


Visual Studio Magazine: Microsoft Open Sources Tool for GPT-4-Infused Apps. “Microsoft has open sourced an internal incubation project that can help developers integrate cutting-edge AI models quickly and easily into their apps.”


National Press Club Journalism Institute: Open records tips from a government accountability reporter: ‘Let the correspondence tell the tale’ . “It is Sunshine Week, an annual celebration of access to public information launched by the News Leaders Association in 2005. To commemorate the occasion, we’ve asked journalists across different beats to share their tips for requesting open records and responding when facing roadblocks to access.”

Engadget: How to declutter your iOS devices. “If you’ve owned your iPhone or iPad for a while, there’s a good chance there are apps, contacts and settings that you either don’t use anymore or aren’t serving you as well as they could. This guide will take you through how to reclaim your notifications and your device’s storage.”

How-To Geek: 6 Useful Websites to Download for Offline Access. “You’ve likely come to rely on the internet to find useful information the moment you need it, but you can’t count on always having a reliable connection. That’s why it’s a great idea to download a copy of the internet’s most useful websites so you can access them while off the grid.”


Ars Technica: Anthropic introduces Claude, a “more steerable” AI competitor to ChatGPT. “On Tuesday, Anthropic introduced Claude, a large language model (LLM) that can generate text, write code, and function as an AI assistant similar to ChatGPT. The model originates from core concerns about future AI safety and Anthropic has trained it using a technique it calls ‘Constitutional AI.'”

The Guardian: Trump Media executives worried over murky $8m loans, emails reveal. “Top executives at Donald Trump’s social media company started to become concerned last spring about $8m that they had accepted from opaque entities in two emergency loans when its auditors sought further details about the payments, according to documents, emails and sources familiar with the matter.”


Mashable: Twitter silent as hackers scam users with stolen high-profile verified accounts. “Looking at Jase Robertson and David Dayen, you wouldn’t think the two of them have much in common. Robertson is known for his time on the A&E reality TV show Duck Dynasty. He currently hosts a show on the conservative digital outlet TheBlaze. David Dayen is a longtime progressive journalist and executive editor for The American Prospect magazine. However, over the past few weeks, tweets from both Robertson’s and Dayen’s Twitter accounts have been sharing the exact same messaging.”

New York Times: Justice Dept. Investigating TikTok’s Owner Over Possible Spying on Journalists. “The inquiry appears to be tied to an admission by the app’s owner, ByteDance, that employees had inappropriately obtained Americans’ data. The company said it had fired the workers involved.”


NewsWise: Want More Generous Children? Show Them Awe-inspiring Art. “Concert halls, movie theaters, and museums are home to a kaleidoscope of art forms, but one thing they all have in common is the potential to inspire feelings of awe. This humbling perspective has been shown to motivate adults to set aside their own problems to focus on the needs of others, and new research in Psychological Science suggests that awe can encourage generosity in children too.”

Slashgear: ChatGPT Successfully Outsmarts Anti-Bot Test By Pretending To Be Blind . “Used responsibly, AI can potentially change the way we work, learn, and create. But according to The Telegraph, researchers wrote in an academic paper that the AI model behind ChatGPT went to great lengths to trick a human being into passing an anti-robot check to gain access to a website.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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