Medieval and Renaissance Women, Undeniable Street View, Introduction to Probability, More: Monday ResearchBuzz, March 27, 2023

SEARCH GIZMO OF THE DAY: The Anti-Bullseye Name Search
Most names in English are expressed in news articles and other places like this: Firstname Lastname, or possibly Firstname Middlename Lastname. TABNS takes a name and generates a Google search that searches for the name in reverse order (Lastname Firstname) and *specifically excludes* the most common expression of firstname lastname.


British Library Medieval Manuscripts Blog: Medieval and Renaissance Women: full list of the manuscripts. “Rejoice! Over the past year, we’ve been hard at work digitising and cataloguing manuscripts connected with Medieval and Renaissance Women. We can now announce that all the manuscript volumes are online, no fewer than 93 (NINETY-THREE) of them.”

Creative Review: The Undeniable Street View exposes the destruction in Ukraine. “Created by a group of Ukrainian organisations – including United24, Voices of Children, Nova Ukraine and Vostok-SOS – The Undeniable Street View offers viewers an unprecedented insight into the destruction of residential buildings and other non-military targets since the conflict began a year ago.”


Wolfram Blog: Stack the Odds in Your Favor and Master Probability with Wolfram Language. “I am glad to announce the launch of Introduction to Probability, a free interactive course aiming to help you learn probability intuitively, from simple to advanced concepts. Anyone who wants to learn probability for the first time, needs a refresher or is looking to apply probability professionally will find great value in this course. It will help students understand and use randomness and random variables.”

WordPress Blog: Introducing the WordPress Developer Blog. “With much activity happening in the WordPress development space every day, keeping up-to-date with the latest updates can be challenging. The new WordPress Developer Blog is a developer-focused resource to help you stay on top of the latest software features, tutorials, and learning materials relevant to the open source project.”


Washington Post: Hollywood, music industry brace for a TikTok ban. “Since the last time the U.S. government considered banning TikTok in 2020, the app has evolved from a social platform supporting a robust ecosystem of content creators and small businesses to an entertainment powerhouse, upending Hollywood power structures and rewriting the rules of the entertainment landscape. A ban now would threaten not the livelihoods of TikTok’s biggest stars and thousands of small businesses, it could deal a massive blow to the entertainment industry, forcing movie studios, record labels, casting directors, Hollywood agents, and actors to radically shift the way they do business.”

WIRED: Your Favorite Podcast Is Probably an ‘Experience’ Now. “Podcasts have always been a deeply personal experience, thanks in part to how most people listen to them: With headphones in, on commutes or while cleaning, and without a whole lot of subsequent discussion among peers. Now, though, the most financially and creatively successful podcasts are the ones that are also cultivating their own communities, with hosts taking care to connect on a more personal level with the fans whose ears they’ve whispered into for all these years.”

Engadget: Levi’s will ‘supplement’ human models with AI-generated fakes. “Levi’s is partnering with an AI company on computer-generated fashion models to ‘supplement human models.’ The company frames the move as part of a ‘digital transformation journey’ of diversity, equity, inclusion and sustainability. Although that sounds noble on the surface, Levi’s is essentially hiring a robot to generate the appearance of diversity while ridding itself of the burden of paying human beings who represent the qualities it wants to be associated with its brand.”


CBS News: At least 17 members of Congress had sensitive information exposed in data breach. “The hacking of the DC Health Benefit Exchange Authority data system has triggered at least three investigations and a federal civil lawsuit against the District of Columbia government, CBS News has learned. It has also sent a significant shock through Congress and its staffers.”

Techdirt: Utah’s Governor Live Streams Signing Of Unconstitutional Social Media Bill On All The Social Media Platforms He Hates. “On Thursday, Utah’s governor Spencer Cox officially signed into law two bills that seek to ‘protect the children’ on the internet. He did with a signing ceremony that he chose to stream on nearly every social media platform, despite his assertions that those platforms are problematic.”


WVXU: The Cincinnati Zoo is creating a massive behavioral database to better understand its animals. “Out of uniform and hidden from the animals, Cincinnati Zoo scientists are collecting massive amounts of information on its 400 species — like Huto the Komoto dragon, hippos Fiona and Fritz, and Nutmeg the fox — so they can live their best lives in Cincinnati.”

Internet Archive Blog: The Fight Continues. “We will continue our work as a library. This case does not challenge many of the services we provide with digitized books including interlibrary loan, citation linking, access for the print-disabled, text and data mining, purchasing ebooks, and ongoing donation and preservation of books.”

International Atomic Energy Agency: IAEA and FAO Kickstart the Development of Pioneering Protein Quality Database. “Nutrition experts from the IAEA, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Health Organization as well as national, research and academic institutions came together recently to outline the framework for a first-of-a-kind protein quality database, to help governments assess the protein adequacy of foods sold to consumers and develop optimal dietary protein requirements.” Good morning, Internet…

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