Early Baseball Publications, NYC Child Care, Google Bard, More: Sunday ResearchBuzz, April 2, 2023


Library of Congress: Baseball Opening Day, and the Library Adds MLB History Online. “To celebrate the start of the 2023 season, the Library is pleased to announce a new digital collection: Early Baseball Publications. The collection, which will grow over time, provides full-text digitized access to more than 120 early baseball publications.”

City of New York: Mayor Adams Launches First Phase of MyCity Portal to Easily Help New Yorkers Check Eligibility, Apply For, and Track City Services and Benefits. “Beginning today, MyCity users will be able to easily check eligibility, apply for, and track services and benefits in the city’s 10 most common languages, as well as securely save their information and documentation for future applications as they apply for child care.”


Ars Technica: Google Bard gets better at homework with improved math and logic capabilities. “Google Bard is getting a little smarter today with the addition of math and logic capabilities. Google employee Jack Krawczyk announced the change on Twitter, saying, ‘Now Bard will better understand and respond to your prompts for multi-step word and math problems, with coding coming soon.'”

Washington Post: The Post ruins April Fools’ Day, 2023 edition. “As a public service, we are debunking every brand- or celebrity-related April Fools’ prank we can find today in the hopes that no one is tricked against their will.” They missed the cute one that Georgia Tech did about changing the frequency of its steam whistle..


ReviewGeek: What Is Generative AI?. “In the last few months, apps using Generative AI exploded onto the market. AI photo app Lensa and OpenAI’s chatbot, ChatGPT, made a huge splash because they make high-quality text and images on demand. Now Microsoft and Google are playing catchup. But what is Generative AI, and how does it work?” Extensive explainer.


Search Engine Land: Should you block ChatGPT’s web browser plugin from accessing your website?. “Pretty soon, ChatGPT will be able to feed in content from third-party websites for the AI to summarize or manipulate – the same way Bing is doing. Many third-party plugins and tools can already scrape content from a website, feed it into a prompt to the OpenAI API, and summarize or manipulate that text. However, with an official web browser plugin, this usage is about to increase drastically.”

dotLA: Meet the Creator Economy’s Version of LinkedIn. “LinkedIn hasn’t caught on with Gen Z—in fact, 96% rarely use their existing account. Considering 25% of young people want to be full-time content creators and most influencers aren’t active on LinkedIn, traditional networking sites aren’t likely to meet these needs. Enter CreatorLand.”

GovTech: CSUCI Professor Uses $146K Grant to Archive Computer Games. “CSUCI computer science professors Eric Kaltman and Joseph Osborn are using emulators to develop a digital archive for old computer games, giving scholars the ability to bookmark and access specific moments in games.”


WESH: Florida principal who sent $100K to scammer posing as Elon Musk says she was ‘groomed’ . “A principal of a charter school in Volusia County resigned after writing a $100,000 check to an internet scammer posing as Elon Musk.”

Engadget: Court rules Elon Musk broke federal labor law with 2018 tweet. “Elon Musk broke US labor law in 2018 when he tweeted Tesla factory workers would forgo stock options if they chose to unionize, according to a federal appeals court. On Friday, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, in a decision spotted by Business Insider, upheld a National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruling that found Musk made unlawful threats around employee compensation.”


The Next Web: Opinion: The AI pope coat is the shape of hyperreality to come. “If you were on social media at any point over the past weekend, you would have seen the image. And — if you were anything like me and seemingly millions of other people — you didn’t immediately realise it was AI-generated. In history books, this will likely go down as the first time the public was fooled en-masse by an AI-generated image. But this is just the beginning, a marker of times to come.”

Computer Weekly: Mounting Russian disinformation campaign targeting Arab world. “The UK’s Centre for Information Resilience (CIR) has warned of a mounting Russia-backed disinformation campaign targeting Arabic speakers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), spreading propaganda and false narratives to win over hearts and minds in its war on Ukraine.” Good morning, Internet…

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