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SEARCH GIZMO OF THE DAY: Twitter Receipts. “Twitter Receipts has you enter a Twitter handle and a date, then queries The Wayback Machine for the closest snapshot of the Twitter handle to that date and opens the URL in a new tab.”


National Library of Medicine: is Modernizing to Serve You Better. “In June 2023, we will reach an important milestone: replacing the current website with the modernized website. This modernized site will implement the innovations we have designed based on user feedback, including an updated look and feel and improved functionality for searching, viewing, and downloading information about clinical trials.”

Google Blog: New ways to browse hotels and save money on flights — plus other tools for summer travel. “Summer will be here before you know it, and there’s no better time to start thinking about your travel plans. Here are some of the newest ways we’re improving the trip planning experience on Google.”


Mashable: Identify Twitter Blue subscribers with these four browser extensions. “Several developers have released free browser extensions that reveal who shelled out actual human dollars for Twitter’s blue badge, so you don’t have to wonder if the account tweeting at you is the real Arnold Schwarzenegger or just a very convincing imitator. Here are four browser extensions that will help you separate verified Twitter users from ones who bought their badge.”

MakeUseOf: 4 Free AI Music Generators to Create Unique Songs to Use In Your Projects. “These free AI music generators will create a new song based on a few inputs from you. Each track is unique to your choices, and every app has different ways by which you can customize it to ensure it feels yours.”


CNBC: Google to cut down on employee laptops, services and staplers for ‘multi-year’ savings. “In separate documents viewed by CNBC, Google said it’s cutting back on fitness classes, staplers, tape and the frequency of laptop replacements for employees.” Staplers? Tape?

Futurism: BuzzFeed Is Quietly Publishing Whole AI-Generated Articles, Not Just Quizzes . “This month, we noticed that with none of the fanfare of [CEO Jonah] Peretti’s multiple interviews about the quizzes, BuzzFeed quietly started publishing fully AI-generated articles that are produced by non-editorial staff — and they sound a lot like the content mill model that Peretti had promised to avoid.” It doesn’t surprise me that a media company would create articles from AI, but it does surprise me that BuzzFeed subsequently published them, because they’re absolute dreck. But advertising revenue, I suppose.

TechCrunch: Post, a publisher-focused Twitter alternative, launches to public . “Post, a Twitter alternative of sorts that’s rethinking how publishers should engage with social media — and how they should monetize their readership — has opened its doors to the public…. But Post doesn’t want to be just another Twitter clone. Instead, its aim is to develop a platform where publishers can generate revenue from micropayments — that is, where users pay some small amount of money to read individual news items.”


Associated Press: Members of Congress on TikTok defend app’s reach to voters. “As pressure against TikTok mounts in Washington, the more than two dozen members of Congress — all Democrats — who are active on the social media platform are being pushed by their colleagues to stop using it. Many defend their presence on the platform, saying they have a responsibility as public officials to meet Americans where they are — and more than 150 million are on TikTok.” Y’know, everybody could use RSS…

PC World: Watch how ChatGPT is tricked into generating Windows 95 keys. “From our AI shootout of ChatGPT versus Microsoft Bing versus Google Bard, we know that AI chatbots can outperform our expectations on some tasks, and surprisingly struggle with others. Enderman, a YouTuber who typically plays around with various older Windows builds, set out to see if they could generate a brand-new Windows 95 key. (This is probably illegal, but anyway…)”

WIRED: A Tiny Blog Took on Big Surveillance in China—and Won. “Digging through manuals for security cameras, a group of gearheads found sinister details and ignited a new battle in the US-China tech war.”


NiemanLab: What if ChatGPT was trained on decades of financial news and data? BloombergGPT aims to be a domain-specific AI for business news. “If you were going to predict which news company would be the first out with its own massive AI model, Bloomberg would’ve been a good bet. For all its success expanding into consumer-facing news over the past decade, Bloomberg is fundamentally a data company, driven by $30,000/year subscriptions to its terminals. On Friday, the company announced it had built something called BloombergGPT. Think of it as a computer that aims to ‘know’ everything the entire company ‘knows.'”


Geeks are Sexy: Nightmare Fuel: Someone Hooked a Skinned Furby to ChatGPT. “Jessica Card got up one day, and thought, hmmm, why don’t I hook up that old Furby of mine to ChatGPT? But wait, I need to skin it first for maximum creepiness! Here is the result.” Good morning, Internet…

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