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Find Affiliations Between a List of People and a List of Organizations With PeopleLinx Affiliation Filter (PAF)

In my last article I told you about the Search Gizmo PeopleLinx Affiliations Lookup (PAL), which lets you look up organizational affiliations among a group of people using Wikidata. When I showed PAL to my husband he pointed out that it wouldn’t allow you to check a specific group of organizations, which might be useful if you were interested in certain affiliations only.

I agreed that this could be useful so I bent things around a bit and made the PeopleLinx Affiliation Filter (PAF), at https://searchgizmos.com/paf/ .

Using the PeopleLinx Affiliation Filter

Screenshot from 2023-04-17 11-24-10

The PeopleLinx Affiliations Lookup requires just a list of people, but the PeopleLinx Affiliation Filter requires both a list of people and a list of companies and organizations. Make sure that you’re using formal names in the case of ambiguous cases like Apple (PAF will not match Steve Jobs with that but will match Apple Inc.)

PAF will take these two lists and use Wikidata to find any affiliations between the first group and the second.

Since the form already has examples, you don’t need any from me. Go ahead and click the Find Affiliations button.

In a moment you’ll get a list of the various affiliations between these two groups.

Screenshot from 2023-04-17 11-49-28

Each affiliation has a link to Google, Google News, Bing, and DuckDuckGo if you’d like to explore it further.

Please note that if a person is affiliated with a sub-organization of an organization you list, that affiliation might not be noted. It’s a thin line between finding all meaningful affiliations and flooding the user with the most ridiculous associations imaginable.

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