Natural Disaster Alerts, Google Meet, Performing Arts Livestreaming, More: Wednesday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, April 19, 2023


Mashable: National Weather Service accounts were not granted API exemptions by Twitter. “The NWS tells Mashable that Twitter’s API policy changes will limit its accounts to 50 automated tweets per 24-hour period. It expects that Twitter will officially switch its accounts to the new API limits on April 29, based on what the company has previously communicated(opens in a new tab) to developers.” If you’ve ever followed weather alerts on Twitter, you know that 50 tweets in 24 hours is nothing. A drop in the bucket depending on what’s happening.

9to5 Google: Google Meet letting you turn off individual video feeds. “In a nice quality of life improvement, Google Meet will let you ‘turn off the video feed from other participants’ on the web, Android, and iOS.”


New York Times: As Presenters Cut Back on Streams, Some Disabled Arts Lovers Feel Left Out. “With live performance now back, and some theaters and concert halls still struggling to bring back audiences, presenters have cut back on their streamed offerings — leaving many people with disabilities and chronic illnesses, who have been calling for better virtual access for decades, excluded again.”

ABC News (Australia): Young gamblers losing more as social media presence of sports betting agencies grows. “Watching and betting on sport has become a costly pastime for many young Australians and new research shows that problem gambling is increasing among people aged 18 to 34.”


WUFT: University of Florida removes years of campus crime data online. “The University of Florida removed nearly eight years’ worth of crime data online without public notification, leaving only limited details about crimes that occurred on or near campus during the past 60 days.”

The Guardian: WhatsApp and Signal unite against online safety bill amid privacy concerns . “The rival chat apps WhatsApp and Signal have joined forces in a rare show of unity to protest against the online safety bill, which they say could undermine the UK’s privacy and safety.”

Reuters: Google wins appeal of $20 million US patent verdict over Chrome technology. “Alphabet’s Google LLC on Tuesday convinced a U.S. appeals court to cancel three anti-malware patents at the heart of a Texas jury’s $20 million infringement verdict against the company.”


Washington Post: Inside the secret list of websites that make AI chatbots sound smart. “AI chatbots have exploded in popularity over the past four months, stunning the public with their awesome abilities, from writing sophisticated term papers to holding unnervingly lucid conversations…. Tech companies have grown secretive about what they feed the AI. So The Washington Post set out to analyze one of these data sets to fully reveal the types of proprietary, personal, and often offensive websites that go into an AI’s training data.” The link is to a gift article, which you should be able to read even if you normally encounter a paywall.

PetaPixel: Artist Refuses Prize After His AI Image Wins at Top Photo Contest. “A photographer has stirred up fresh controversy and debate after his artificial intelligence (AI) image won first prize at one of the world’s most prestigious photography competitions. He has since declined to accept the prize while the contest has remained silent on the matter.”

Daily Beast: ‘60 Minutes’ Made a Shockingly Wrong Claim About a Google AI. “Emergent behavior is definitely a worthwhile topic for a news show to discuss. Where the 60 Minutes clip takes a turn, though, is when we’re introduced to claims that Google’s chatbot was actually able to teach itself a language it previously didn’t know after it was prompted in that language. ‘For example, one Google AI program adapted on its own after it was prompted in the language of Bangladesh, which it was not trained to know,’ CBS News correspondent Scott Pelley said in the clip. Turns out it was complete BS. ” Good afternoon, Internet…

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