Gloucester A&I, Nevada Job Training, Microsoft, More: ResearchBuzz is 25 Years Old, April 20, 2023

Today is ResearchBuzz’ 25th anniversary.

How can I thank you enough? Those of you who read, those of you who support via Patreon and kind words. These last three years have been hellish to put it lightly (I know I am not alone in this) and I hope the work I do to provide you resources has not suffered too much in quality. has grown to 58 tools. If you have not visited, please consider it. I try to refrain from puffery and hyperbole, but I truly believe you will find search tools there that are nowhere else online — tools for Wikipedia, Google, RSS, Mastodon, and more. Everything is free and there are no ads except for a Patreon banner.

Thank you. I love you.


Gloucester-Mathews Gazette-Journal: Digital archive tells story of Gloucester A&I. “The documents shed light on the founding and early days of the Gloucester Agricultural and Industrial School, also known as the Cappahosic Academy. That school, which operated from 1888 until its closing in 1933, provided the Black youth of Gloucester and surrounding communities with much more than the basic skills and training needed to be a laborer.”

2 News: DETR’s Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation Launches New Website. “The Department of Employment Training and Rehabilitation’s Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation has announced that their new website is live. The Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation connects Nevadans with disabilities to services they need. It also offers a full-service, no-cost program for employers.”


Mashable: Microsoft drops Twitter from its advertising platform. “Twitter is being removed from yet another big B2B platform. And this time it’s one of the biggest companies in the tech industry. Microsoft is going to drop Twitter from its Microsoft Advertising plan next week, according to the company.”

TikTok Blog: Earth Day 2023: Driving sustainability awareness with our TikTok community . “From creators such as @james_stew championing sustainable living to @mikaelaloach advocating for environmental protection, TikTok brings together communities in the UK and around the world, empowering them to raise sustainability awareness and inspire action.”


Bloomberg: Google’s Rush to Win in AI Led to Ethical Lapses, Employees Say. “Shortly before Google introduced Bard, its AI chatbot, to the public in March, it asked employees to test the tool. One worker’s conclusion: Bard was ‘a pathological liar,’ according to screenshots of the internal discussion. Another called it ‘cringe-worthy.’… Google launched Bard anyway.”

CNBC: Google to launch its first foldable phone, the ‘Pixel Fold,’ in June. “Google is planning to launch its first foldable smartphone at upward of $1,700, making it the highest price-point product in Google’s smartphone series, according to internal documents and images viewed by CNBC.”

Far Out: Peter Gabriel unveils AI music video challenge. “Amid the recent AI discussion, some artists have voiced their concerns about the robotic tool. On the flip side, other artists, like the former Genesis member Peter Gabriel, have publicly embraced the technology with open arms…. Last month, Gabriel labelled AI a ‘powerful new tool’ that we should embrace rather than ‘just grumble or pretend it doesn’t exist’. Now, the rock legend has announced a partnership with Stability AI, from which he has launched the DiffuseTogether Challenge. ”


City A.M.: Google to change app store rules after UK competition agency flags concerns. “Google said it will allow app developers in the UK to use alternative payment options following an investigation by the UK’s competition regulator. The tech giant said it would present other payment options to Google Play’s billing system for in-app purchases ‘in a neutral manner’ if its commitments are accepted by the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).”

The Verge: AI Drake just set an impossible legal trap for Google. “The AI Drake track that mysteriously went viral over the weekend is the start of a problem that will upend Google in one way or another — and it’s really not clear which way it will go.”

The Guardian: Google calls for relaxing of Australia’s copyright laws so AI can mine websites for information. “Google and other tech giants have called on the Australian government to relax copyright laws to allow artificial intelligence to mine websites for information across the internet.”


Racket: A U of M Reporter Explores BORG, the Latest Binge-Drinking Craze. “BORG stands for Black Out Rage Gallon, and yes, it’s all the rage. The recipe is simple and adaptable: Take an empty plastic gallon jug, fill it halfway with water, add a fifth of vodka, and mix in some flavoring like MiO (often the caffeinated kind) or electrolyte powder like Liquid I.V. The BORG’s rise in popularity is tied to TikTok, where its hashtag, #borg, has amassed over 295 million views.” We’re losing the battle against disinformation because social media is immune from liability. “Based on the justices’ recent comments in a pending lawsuit against Google, the U.S. Supreme Court seems unlikely to limit the liability protections afforded social media platforms for publishing and sharing false or harmful user content. As disinformation on social media and across the internet escalates, the failure to hold the purveyors of such content accountable comes at a significant cost to society. Without a change in the status quo, we will lose the ongoing war against online disinformation.” Good morning, Internet…

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