Human or Not?, Grambank Grammar Database, Dungeons and Dragons, More: Thursday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, April 20, 2023


CTech: AI21 Labs vs. CTech: Human or Not? . “‘Human of Not?’ is currently available via a web browser where users are asked to write prompts where the game – either AI21 Labs’ AI tool or a physical human – will reply. The game lasts two minutes and at the end, players need to guess who they were playing against.”

University of Colorado Boulder: World’s largest grammar database reveals accelerating loss of language diversity. “A study published today in Science Advances debuts a grammatical database that documents the enormous diversity of current languages on the planet, highlighting just how much humanity stands to lose and why it’s worth saving. Known as Grambank, it is now the world’s largest publicly available comparative grammatical database.”

Wargamer: Find your next DnD setting with this fanmade search engine. “An online database allows you to search through nearly 300 third-party DnD settings so you can find the perfect place to start your next D&D 5e campaign.”


Search Engine Land: Google Bard adds more variety to drafts. “Google Bard now shows more variety in the draft responses it provides to your questions. Google said these drafts are now ‘more distinct from each other,’ allowing you to ‘expand your creative explorations.'”

TechCrunch: Imgur will ban explicit images on its platform this month. “Image hosting platform Imgur is set to ban explicit images on its platform from May 15. The company updated its terms of service and said that the company will focus on removing ‘nudity, pornography, & sexually explicit content’ from the site later this month.”


The Conversation: Live art exists only while it is being performed, and then it disappears. How do we create an archive of the ephemeral?. “Live performance exists only in the moment it is being performed. Its ephemeral nature means it is transient and impermanent, and cannot be experienced again in precisely the same way. How do artists hold on to the works that they make? What of the invisible labour that is rarely acknowledged or named?”


Sky News: Michael Schumacher’s family plans legal action over AI ‘interview’ which generated fake quotes . “Michael Schumacher’s family are planning to take legal action against a German magazine which published an ‘interview’ with the seven-time F1 champion generated by artificial intelligence. The 54-year-old has not been seen in public since he suffered a serious brain injury in a skiing accident on a family holiday in the French Alps almost a decade ago.”

Global News (Canada): Google ordered to pay $500K to Quebec man over links to false pedophilia accusations. “A Quebec Superior Court judge has ordered Google to pay $500,000 to a Montreal man who sued the company after it restored a link to an online post falsely accusing him of being a pedophile.”


Spectrum: Imaging journal editors resign over ‘extreme’ open-access fees. “The entire editorial boards of two leading neuroscience journals, NeuroImage and NeuroImage:Reports, resigned en masse on Monday over what they say are exorbitant article fees from their publisher, Elsevier. The group intends to launch a new nonprofit open-access journal called Imaging Neuroscience, ‘to replace NeuroImage as the top journal in our field,’ according to a statement posted 17 April to Twitter by an account called Imaging Neuroscience EiC.”

Miscellany News: Diving into Misc archives with Optical Character Recognition. “The first major pro of this position is that I was able to set my own hours. The second is that it’s a remote job, and while the novelty of remote work may have worn off for most, I am happy to be able to work anywhere from the Old Bookstore to the sunny Nircle to my own cozy bed. And, finally, the third major pro is that it’s surprisingly interesting.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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