Health Inequality Data Repository, California Climate Action, Prince Edward Island Plants, More: Saturday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, April 22, 2023


World Health Organization: Launch of the Health Inequality Data Repository. “The Health Inequality Data Repository is the largest global collection of disaggregated data about health and determinants of health – with nearly 11 million data points across more than 2000 indicators. These data can be explored directly through the Health Equity Assessment Toolkit (HEAT), an interactive software which facilitates the examination of inequalities and the evaluation of relevant interventions to address them.”

State of California: Here’s How Californians Can Save Money and Fight Climate Change. “Launched during Earth Week, the new California Climate Action website connects Californians with programs that support a transition to a greener, more sustainable future – including zero emission vehicle (ZEV) incentives, home energy upgrades and turf replacement rebates.”

CBC: A guide to P.E.I. plants in your pocket — so everyone can be a botanist. “A new online guide is available to help budding scientists find and identify plants on P.E.I. The Illustrated Flora of Prince Edward Island includes information on more than 1,000 species of plants. The guide can be used on a mobile phone, and any new discoveries can be added to the database once they’ve been verified.”


Casper Star-Tribune: WYDOT plans to delete 8 Twitter accounts after company creates cap. “The Wyoming Department of Transportation is planning to delete eight of its Twitter accounts after the social media giant announced it would heavily cap automated tweets for non-subscribers. WYDOT will still be using 511 Notify to send out alerts, but with Twitter out of the picture, they’ll only be available over text message or email.” I wonder how difficult it would be to make a tool for these agencies to automatically distribute alerts via RSS? I mean, it’s just text formatted in a certain way.


WIRED: 11 Smart Prompts to Do More With Google Bard. “The suggestions below should get you off to a great start with Bard. Remember that you can edit your prompt using the pencil icon that appears next to it (and Bard will adjust its output accordingly). You can also see variations on Bard’s answers by clicking on the ‘View other drafts’ drop-down menu.”


Mashable: Dril and other Twitter power users begin campaign to ‘Block the Blue’ paid checkmarks. “To stress how important @dril is to Twitter, let’s put it this way: Last month, Platformer reported(opens in a new tab) on a secret ‘VIP’ list of just 35 popular accounts that Musk wanted to promote(opens in a new tab) to users via the algorithm to encourage more use of the platform. That list included NBA star LeBron James, President Joe Biden, YouTube’s most subscribed creator Mr. Beast, and @dril. ‘I am actively rooting for the downfall of twitter,’ @dril tells me. ‘I hope to sabotage their efforts to become profitable, no matter how futile, in the hopes that they will eventually close up shop and release us all from this toilet.'”

Daily Beast: Former Parler Employees Trash Company, Plot New Website. “Former employees at Parler, the alternative social media platform used to help organize the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol building, are privately fuming that their site was sold and are brainstorming ways to re-launch the controversial platform.”

TechCrunch: HUSSLUP, a LinkedIn for the entertainment biz, launches web app in beta. “HUSSLUP, currently an invite-only beta, is a job search and networking app for creative professionals in the media and entertainment industry to connect with studios and production companies looking to hire talent. Today, the company announced a web version of its mobile app. It will roll out widely next week.”


Black Enterprise: Cardi B Preparing To Seize Tasha K’s Property To Satisfy $4m Judgment Won In Defamation Suit. “The saga between Bronx-bred recording artist Cardi B and vlogger Tasha K has reached the next stage. According to AllHipHop, the next step for Cardi B to obtain the money won in a defamation lawsuit against Tasha K has been taken. The media outlet obtained legal documents that show that the Bodak Yellow rapper has been given the right to start seizing property owned by the woman who defamed her.” If you haven’t followed the case, this article has a lot of background.


US Department of Defense: DOD Makes Climate Assessment Tool Available to Partner Nations. “Recently, the department expanded [DOD Climate Assessment Tool] to include over 400 locations outside the United States. But also, the department has been developing a separate capability, the Climate Assessment Tool, or CAT, that will be provided to several partner nations to give those countries access to an assessment tool similar to DCAT to enable their own climate change exposure analyses.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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