Nursing Times, Project Preservation, Twitter, More: Monday ResearchBuzz, April 24, 2023


Nursing Times: Historic archive of Nursing Times issues launched. “Nursing Times has launched an archive of its print issues published since 1905, meaning subscribers can now dip into the history of nursing at the touch of a button.” Access is restricted to subscribers, but non-subscribers can do a search of the archives and purchase individual issues.

Fstoppers: Project Preservation Creates Crowdsourced Database to Document and Preserve Landscapes. “Rapid changes in our global climate conditions are putting the Earth’s landscapes at risk. Andrew Geraci and Project Preservation are creating a global public database to preserve and document rare and beautiful landscapes for future generations.”


Variety: Elon Musk Drops Twitter’s ‘State-Affiliated’ and ‘Government-Funded’ Media Labels After Backlash. “Twitter is no longer labeling any accounts as ‘state-affiliated media’ or ‘government-funded media,’ a change that comes after organizations including NPR and PBS objected to the descriptions from the Elon Musk-owned social network and have suspended their activity on Twitter in protest.”


WIRED: How to Responsibly Dispose of Your Electronics. “WHETHER YOU HAVE an old phone languishing in a desk drawer or a broken laptop gathering dust in the back of a closet, there will never be a better time to dispose of it. There’s a good chance your unwanted gadget can return to useful service, and it may even make you a little cash or help someone else. Recycling should be the last resort, but if there’s nothing else for your gadget, there are ways to recycle electronics responsibly.”

MakeUseOf: A Beginner’s Guide on Printing in Google Sheets. “Google Sheets gives you several printing options to ensure you get the printout you need. You can change many settings — from printing a single worksheet to printing an entire workbook; there’s a lot you can do. This includes adjusting your printout’s scale, layout, and alignment, among other things. So, we’ll give you easy-to-follow steps on how to print in Google Sheets, adjust your printout’s alignment, fit an entire worksheet on a single page, and more.”


NBC Chicago: Fake Twitter Accounts Impersonating Chicago’s Mayor, City Agencies Falsely Claim LSD Will Close. “Taking advantage of the social media platform’s removal of verification checkmarks for groups that don’t pay a monthly fee, accounts impersonating the city’s mayor and transportation agency began tweeting messages, including news that part of the city’s highly-trafficked DuSable Lake Shore Drive would be closed starting May 1.”

Attractions Magazine: Run away with the circus as a Ringling social media correspondent. “… the Ringling social media correspondent will debut during rehearsals this July, capturing performances, behind-the-scenes content, conducting exclusive interviews, and more. Then, beginning in September, they will be on tour with The Greatest Show On Earth, traveling across the U.S. and sharing social media content to increase engagement with the reimagined production.”

Business Insider: Twitter is adding verified check marks to the accounts of dead celebrities, making them look like paid Twitter Blue subscribers. “Kobe Bryant, Norm Macdonald, Anthony Bourdain, Chadwick Boseman, and Michael Jackson were among the celebrities who each got a posthumous blue check added to their Twitter accounts as the site began to purge legacy verifications on Thursday, pivoting to only displaying the checks on the profiles who pay for the subscription service.”


Bloomberg Law: ABA Says 1.5 Million Member Accounts Hacked in Data Breach (1). “A hacker stole 1.5 million American Bar Association account usernames and passwords in March, the nation’s largest voluntary legal organization told Bloomberg Law.”

Bleeping Computer: Google ads push BumbleBee malware used by ransomware gangs. “The enterprise-targeting Bumblebee malware is distributed through Google Ads and SEO poisoning that promote popular software like Zoom, Cisco AnyConnect, ChatGPT, and Citrix Workspace. Bumblebee is a malware loader discovered in April 2022, thought to have been developed by the Conti team as a replacement for the BazarLoader backdoor, used for gaining initial access to networks and conducting ransomware attacks.”


Cornell Chronicle: (Almost) everyone likes a helpful trash robot. “Cornell researchers built and remotely controlled two trash barrel robots – one for landfill waste and one for recycling – at a plaza in Manhattan to see how people would respond to the seemingly autonomous robots. Most people welcomed them and happily gave them trash, though a minority found them to be creepy. The researchers now have plans to see how other communities behave.”

The Conversation: Generative AI: 5 essential reads about the new era of creativity, job anxiety, misinformation, bias and plagiarism. “Generative AI has been around for nearly a decade, as long-standing worries about deepfake videos can attest. Now, though, the AI models have become so large and have digested such vast swaths of the internet that people have become unsure of what AI means for the future of knowledge work, the nature of creativity and the origins and truthfulness of content on the internet. Here are five articles from our archives that take the measure of this new generation of artificial intelligence.” Good morning, Internet…

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