Royal Horticultural Society, University at Buffalo Yearbooks, January 6 Statements, More: Tuesday ResearchBuzz, May 2, 2023


Royal Horticultural Society: RHS launches digital library of over 10,000 items, including rare treasures from their collections. “Many of the items available through the Digital Collections are rare, fragile or valuable so would not otherwise be accessible to the public. Currently there are 9,542 library items including books, photographs and artworks, and 458 herbarium specimens such as pressed flowers on the platform. The RHS Lindley Library and Herbarium teams will continue to upload items onto the platform, ensuring the site constantly gets bigger and richer as more content is uploaded.”

University at Buffalo: ‘The Buffalonian,’ UB’s long-running yearbook, is now available online . “‘Deep rumblings in the corridors of Hayes Hall announced the arrival of the “Buffalonian,”‘ the editorial staff wrote in 1934 in the pages of the reimagined yearbook they had proudly compiled for UB. And while no seismic activity accompanies the related announcement that you’re reading right now, University Libraries is nevertheless equally pleased to announce that the entire 67-year publication run of ‘The Buffalonian’ is now available online.”

Just Security: Introduction to Expert Statements on Democracy and Political Violence, submitted to January 6th House select committee. “In collecting some of these statements and launching this collection, Just Security is providing an invaluable resource to all Americans, and others beyond, who still seek a more holistic understanding of January 6th, and who want to explore what the sobering conclusions of the Select Committee might mean for the future of our democracy.”


Fast Company: Twitter alternative Mastodon is fixing its confusing sign-up process—and adding new features. “Mastodon, which many have considered the social media site most likely to take Twitter’s place, is making itself more user friendly. The platform, on Monday, announced a series of changes to make it more intuitive for new users—and rewarded current members with an update on some long-requested features. Together, the actions could give Mastodon a boost, just as Bluesky’s momentum begins to surge and Twitter’s star continues to dim.”

Search Engine Journal: Brave Search Cuts Ties With Bing & Goes Independent. “Brave Search, the offspring of the privacy-focused browser Brave, has announced a significant leap forward in its evolution. It now boasts complete independence from other search engines, a remarkable achievement in the world of search.”

Motherboard: AI Spam Is Already Flooding the Internet and It Has an Obvious Tell. “Those two phrases, ‘as an AI language model’ and ‘I cannot generate inappropriate content,’ recur so frequently in ChatGPT generated content that they’ve become memes. These terms can reasonably be used to identify lazily executed ChatGPT spam by searching for them across the internet.”


CTV News Toronto: Toronto’s pioneer of artificial intelligence quits Google to openly discuss dangers of AI. “Geoffrey Hinton, professor at the University of Toronto and the ‘godfather’ of deep learning – a field of artificial intelligence that mimics the human brain – announced his departure from the company on Monday citing the desire to freely discuss the implications of deep learning and artificial intelligence, and the possible consequences if it were utilized by ‘bad actors.'”

Simple Flying: Air France Highlights Customer Service Challenge Amid New Twitter Changes. “Social media platform Twitter will no longer be a resource to Air France for its customer service. The airline announced last week that it would cease direct message access for customer support.”

TechCrunch: Twitter is randomly logging out users. You’re welcome.. “Twitter is not dead yet; it’s just randomly logging out a number of its users. After TechCrunch reported earlier today that Twitter was experiencing a bug that was allowing people to edit their bios to briefly regain their Verified check marks, the Twitter website this afternoon has begun to forcefully log out users at random. There are a number of complaints about the problem on Twitter itself, indicating that at least some are able to get back in after being booted from the site.”


Engadget: Pornhub blocks access in Utah to challenge age verification law. “Utah’s age verification law, which targets publishers distributing material deemed to be ‘harmful to minors on the internet,’ has gone into effect. As a response, MindGeek has chosen to block everyone in the state from being able to access its websites, including Pornhub.”


Stanford University: AI-powered EDGE Dance Animator Applies Generative AI to Choreography. “Stanford University researchers have developed a generative AI model that can choreograph human dance animation to match any piece of music. It’s called Editable Dance GEneration (EDGE).”

Media Matters: In his first year of actively posting on Truth Social, Trump amplified QAnon-promoting accounts nearly 500 times . “Former President Donald Trump amplified QAnon-promoting accounts nearly 500 times during his first year of actively posting on his social media platform Truth Social, according to a Media Matters review.” Good morning, Internet…

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