20th Century British Philosophers, International Leopard Day, BeReal, More: Thursday ResearchBuzz, May 4, 2023


Daily Nous: New Video Archive of Mid-to-Late 20th Century British Philosophers. “Philosophy in the Open: The OU Philosophy Media Archive, contains over 30 hours of footage of interviews and debates between some of the most celebrated mid-to-late 20th century British philosophers.”

Down to Earth: International Leopard Day 2023: Website dedicated to rosette cats launched. “A new portal dedicated to leopards (Panthera pardus) was launched by the Cape Leopard Trust (CLT), an active predator conservation working group, on International Leopard Day (May 3, 2023) to promote and celebrate leopards worldwide.”


Engadget: BeReal’s latest feature is a curated timeline of high-profile users. “Days after it started offering users the option to post more than once per day, BeReal is rolling out another new feature. RealPeople is a curated timeline of ‘the world’s most interesting people.’ Sorry if you didn’t make the cut. The feed includes updates from athletes, artists, activists and other notable users.”

CNN: Snapchat’s new AI chatbot is already raising alarms among teens and parents. “The new tool is facing backlash not only from parents but also from some Snapchat users who are bombarding the app with bad reviews in the app store and criticisms on social media over privacy concerns, ‘creepy’ exchanges and an inability to remove the feature from their chat feed unless they pay for a premium subscription.”


Digital Inspiration: How to Use Conditional Logic in Google Documents. “Conditional content allows you to customize your Google Docs template and generate different versions of the same document based on the user’s answers. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to use conditional content in Google Docs using Document Studio, a Google add-on that automates document creation.”


Fast Company: A ‘Counter-Strike’ map is raising awareness of Putin’s brutality to everyday Russians. “The Counter-Strike first-person shooter games are some of the world’s most popular, particularly in Russia. Now, some Russian gamers who access a downloadable map released today, called de_voyna, will be confronted with the reality of what their country’s army, at the behest of President Vladimir Putin, is doing in Ukraine. An initiative of Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, the map contains verified information about war atrocities and the real reasons for the invasion of Ukraine.”

Columbus Dispatch: Google to add two more data centers in central Ohio. Here are their planned locations. “Google on Wednesday officially announced that it is building two more data centers in central Ohio, turning the state into one of the tech company’s fastest-growing data center hubs that powers Google’s artificial intelligence innovations and tools such as search, Gmail and maps.”

Times of Israel: Americans caught trying to smuggle hundreds of pounds of Fruit Roll-Ups into Israel. “At least two American couples have been caught by Israeli customs for attempting to smuggle a total of more than 650 pounds of Fruit Roll-Ups into Israel, as the country experiences a dire shortage of the snack due to a TikTok craze.”


National Post (Canada): Google threatens existing deals with news publishers over Bill C-18. “If the Liberal government pushes ahead with its online news bill, Google could cut or end existing deals with Canadian news outlets, a Google executive told senators Wednesday evening.”

USA Today: How one man pushed harassment ‘raids,’ sold racist paraphernalia online, while in federal custody. “[Paul Nicholas] Miller isn’t that different from thousands who create racist gimmicks to sell merchandise and cultivate attention. Except for one thing: He was in federal custody at the time.”

Reuters: Google wins US patent trial over data-retrieval technology. “Alphabet’s Google LLC won a jury trial on Tuesday in a long-running patent lawsuit in Delaware federal court over features in Google’s smartphones and apps. The jury decided that Luxembourg-based patent owner Arendi SARL’s patent was invalid and that Google did not infringe it, according to the verdict made public on Wednesday.”


Hello Future: AI contributes to species conservation with TrapTagger. “The non-profit WildEye Conservation has developed TrapTagger, an open-source AI solution to count animals and classify species from camera trap images. The new tool, which is being used by 40 organisations to process 2,000,000 images a month, is helping specialists to study the reintroduction of species into the wild.” Good morning, Internet…

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