Yiddish Literature, News Minimalist, Open Scholarship in GLAMs, More: Saturday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, May 6, 2023


Forward: Yiddish literature scholar David Roskies’ extraordinary archive now accessible online. “This week marked the official unveiling of a new, freely accessible Yiddish archive composed of previously unpublished teaching materials, scholarship, literature, notes and ephemera from the collections of Yiddish literature scholar David G. Roskies.”

Boing Boing: Minimalist news site powered by AI. “News Minimalist is another site that presents topical headlines in a plain, fast-loading format. This one aims not for the old-timey plaintext look but for the contemporary darkmodish style, garnished with data science.” I took a quick look. A nice mix of international news and it has an RSS feed. yes please.


British Library Digital Scholarship Blog: Webinar on Open Scholarship in GLAMs through Research Repositories. “If you work in the galleries, libraries, archives, and museums (GLAM) sector and want to learn more about research repositories, then join us on 18th May, Thursday for an online repository training session for cultural heritage professionals.


WordPress News: Safely Jazz Up Your Website With Staging Sites on “We’re excited to announce that staging sites are now available for all customers on our Business and Commerce plans. This powerful feature allows you to test changes and updates of all your site elements in a safe and stable environment.”

ABC News (Australia): Google Maps diverts drivers away from country road after fatal Strathmerton crash. “The popular mobile phone navigation app, Google Maps, will no longer send drivers along a regional Victorian road as first preference after a crash that killed five people last month.”


Ars Technica: Mozilla acquires review-checking, scammer-spotting service Fakespot for Firefox . “Fakespot, a useful service that explains how products you’ve never heard of could have 12,000 reviews with a 4.6-star average, has been acquired by Firefox-maker Mozilla, and Mozilla plans to integrate it into Firefox.”


NDTV: Google Ordered To Take Down Videos Claiming Indian Spices Contain Cow Dung. “The Delhi High Court has directed internet giant Google LLC to block or take down from YouTube certain ‘defamatory’ videos, which targeted major brands including ‘Catch’ by alleging that Indian spices contain urine and cow dung, in case they resurface.”

Washington Post: Computer system used to hunt fugitives is still down 10 weeks after hack. “A key law enforcement computer network has been down for 10 weeks, the victim of a ransomware attack that has frustrated efforts by senior officials to get the system back up and running — raising concerns about how to secure critical crime-fighting operations.”


University of Oxford: Online consumers at risk from ‘intelligent’ price manipulation: Oxford and Imperial experts . “Sophisticated computer algorithms used to set prices in online marketplaces put consumers at risk of collusion among sellers, according to a study today [thurs] from computer scientists at the Oxford Internet Institute and Imperial College.”

Washington Post: Google shared AI knowledge with the world — until ChatGPT caught up. “In February, Jeff Dean, Google’s longtime head of artificial intelligence, announced a stunning policy shift to his staff: They had to hold off sharing their work with the outside world. For years Dean had run his department like a university, encouraging researchers to publish academic papers prolifically; they pushed out nearly 500 studies since 2019, according to Google Research’s website. But the launch of OpenAI’s groundbreaking ChatGPT three months earlier had changed things.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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