Digital Robotics Archive, Circular Startup Index, Bing Chat, More: Monday ResearchBuzz, May 8, 2023


Carnegie Mellon University: Robotics Project Releases Toolkit, Digital Robotics Archive. “The website, which is hosted on the open-source digital repository system Islandora, allows users to click through historic robotics artifacts in the collection, read about their history, learn about key researchers and watch videos of technology in action.”

Ellen MacArthur Foundation: Discover hundreds of circular economy startups with our new database. “Innovation is key to accelerating the circular economy transition — and there are thousands of circular startups on the market right now, designing and developing innovative solutions to eliminate waste and pollution, circulate products and materials, and regenerate nature. The Foundation’s Circular Startup Index is a searchable, public database featuring more than 500 startups across a range of sectors, industries, and geographies, providing unprecedented visibility of these circular solutions.”


Search Engine Roundtable: Microsoft Opens Bing Chat To All With New Upgrades. “Microsoft had an event yesterday in NYC showing off some new features for Bing Chat, touting some growth figures and announcing it removed the waitlist for the co-pilot feature.”

Mashable: More than half of Twitter Blue’s earliest subscribers are no longer subscribed. “Out of about 150,000 early subscribers to Twitter Blue, just around 68,157 have stuck around and maintained a paid subscription as of April 30. Subscriptions are $8 per month – $11 on mobile.”

CNN: Despite TikTok ban threat, influencers are flocking to a new app from its parent company. “In the days after TikTok’s CEO was grilled by Congress for the first time, many TikTok users began posting about an alternative platform called Lemon8, sometimes with eerily similar language.”


TechCrunch: How to ask OpenAI for your personal data to be deleted or not used to train its AIs . “While there are lots of reasons why individuals might want to shield their information from big data mining AI giants there are — for now — only limited controls on offer. And these limited controls are mostly only available to users in Europe where data protection laws do already apply. Scroll lower down for details on how to exercise available data rights — or read on for the context.”

Hongkiat: 10 Best Free Note Taking Apps. “Whether you’re a student, a professional, or just someone who likes to jot down ideas as they come, this article is for you. Here is a compilation of the 10 best free note-taking apps that we reckon will help you find the one that meets your need.”


NBC News: ChatGPT is powered by these contractors making $15 an hour. “[Alexej] Savreux is part of a hidden army of contract workers who have been doing the behind-the-scenes labor of teaching AI systems how to analyze data so they can generate the kinds of text and images that have wowed the people using newly popular products like ChatGPT. To improve the accuracy of AI, he has labeled photos and made predictions about what text the apps should generate next. The pay: $15 an hour and up, with no benefits.”

New York Times: Twitter Criticized for Allowing Texas Shooting Images to Spread. “Though gruesome images have become common on social media, where a cellphone camera and an internet connection make everyone a publisher, the unusually graphic nature of the images drew sustained outcry from users. And they threw a harsh spotlight on Twitter’s content moderation practices, which have been curtailed since Mr. Musk acquired the company last year.” If you’re still using Twitter, I recommend TweetDeck as a client. Each column has a setting allowing you to turn media previews off.


Engadget: New York State AG proposes broad regulations for the cryptocurrency industry. “Attorney General Letitia James has proposed a law, the CRPTO Act (Crypto Regulation, Protection, Transparency and Oversight), that’s meant to thwart cryptocurrency fraud and protect investors. Whether or not it’s the ‘strongest and most comprehensive’ set of crypto regulations that James touts, it would theoretically prevent repeats of some high-profile incidents.”

The Register: DEF CON to set thousands of hackers loose on LLMs. “The collaborative event, which AI Village organizers describe as ‘the largest red teaming exercise ever for any group of AI models,’ will host ‘thousands’ of people, including ‘hundreds of students from overlooked institutions and communities,’ all of whom will be tasked with finding flaws in LLMs that power today’s chat bots and generative AI.”


WIRED: Listen Up: Using AI to Build Personalized Assistive Hearing Devices. “EARLIER THIS YEAR, Cochlear, the manufacturer of cochlear implants, announced a collaboration with Google and Australian Hearing Hub members, the National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL), Macquarie University, the Shepherd Centre, and NextSense. The aim is to improve existing hearing-assistance technologies, like hearing aids and cochlear implants, and to develop new solutions for folks experiencing hearing loss.” Good morning, Internet…

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