Catholic-Run Native Boarding Schools, Physical Activity Policies, Chicago Recovery Plan, More: Thursday ResearchBuzz, May 11, 2023


The Dialog: Unveiling of list of Catholic-run Native boarding schools allows for ‘subsequent generations to achieve healing’. “On May 9, [Maka] Black Elk and a group of archivists, historians, tribal members and other supporters unveiled a list of some 87 Catholic-run Native boarding schools that had operated in 22 U.S. states prior to 1978. The schools were among more than 400 overseen by the U.S. federal government in the 19th and 20th centuries, with many sites operated by Christian churches and organizations.”

World Health Organization Europe: Physical activity in the EU: policies that make people happier. “WHO/Europe has created a new database in its European Health Information Gateway that shows what WHO-recommended policies have been implemented in the EU. Overall, there are 23 policy indicators for countries in the database, ranging from physical activity promotion policies for vulnerable social groups, through awareness campaigns, to funding.”

City of Chicago: Chicago Launches Recovery Plan Data Transparency Website. “ allows residents to see a comprehensive summary of the Chicago Recovery Plan programs active in their community. At a glance, users can see the number of trees planted nearby, where local businesses have received grants to reactivate vacant storefronts — and how many community members have participated in City youth programs. Residents can also use the site to conduct a deeper dive into how specific programs are serving residents citywide.”


TechCrunch: Google I/O 2023 is a wrap — here’s a list of everything announced. “Since we know you don’t always have time to watch a two-hour presentation, the TechCrunch team took that on and delivered story after story on new products and features. Here, we give you quick hits of the biggest news from the keynote as they were announced, all in an easy-to-digest, easy-to-skim list.”


The Guardian: Google launches new AI PaLM 2 in attempt to regain leadership of the pack. “In its preliminary research, the company warned that systems built on PaLM 2 ‘continue to produce toxic language harms’, with some languages issuing ‘toxic’ responses to queries about black people in almost a fifth of all tests, part of the reason the Bard chatbot is only available in three languages at launch.”


Global Investigative Journalism Network: 4 More Essential Tips for Using the Wayback Machine . “The previous edition of Digital Investigations offered advice for getting the most out of the Wayback Machine. Now I’m back with even more tips, thanks to an interview with Mark Graham, director of the Wayback Machine. He pointed to a few features I forgot to mention along with one I wasn’t aware of.”


Associated Press: Mommy blogger Heather Armstrong, known as Dooce to fans, dead at 47. “The pioneering mommy blogger Heather Armstrong, who laid bare her struggles as a parent and her battles with depression and alcoholism on her site and on social media, has died at 47.”

Muckrock: Help build a public archive of COVID-19 related materials. “Have you been reporting on COVID, or do you have COVID-related documents on DocumentCloud? MuckRock invites you to contribute your documents to a public digital archive to help journalists, researchers and historians tell the stories of the pandemic.”

Daily Beacon (University of Tennessee): Digital archive of Orange and White, Daily Beacon expected next academic year. “Ask most UT alumni for a story from their college years involving The Daily Beacon, and they’ll have one. Maybe it was the lines of students reading the paper each morning over breakfast or a race to finish the crossword puzzle before class. Maybe it was the craziest entries from the crime log or a buzzy story about administration. Next academic year, for the first time, these memories will be accessible with the click of a few keys once UT Libraries completes a full digital archive of The Daily Beacon and its predecessor, The Orange and White.”


Associated Press: Elon Musk’s tweets about Texas mall gunman spread misleading claims, question shooter’s background. “Misleading claims about the neo-Nazi gunman responsible for Saturday’s mass shooting at a Dallas-area shopping center are reverberating across Twitter, in large part because of Twitter owner Elon Musk.”


MIT: MIT’s Center for Constructive Communication takes aim at the destructive nature of social media. “The MIT Center for Constructive Communication (CCC) and the closely affiliated nonprofit Cortico today announced the launch of a broad-based effort that draws on expertise in face-to-face human dialogue, digital networks, and machine learning to develop safe and trusted spaces for meaningful, nonpolarizing human connection and civic impact.”

Arkeonews: Staging of religion on rock paintings that are thousands of years old in southern Egypt desert. “Egyptologists at the University of Bonn and the University of Aswan want to systematically record hundreds of petroglyphs and inscriptions dating from the Neolithic to the Arab period and document them in a database. The desert in southern Egypt is filled with hundreds of petroglyphs and inscriptions oldest dating from the fifth millennium B.C. and few have been studied.” Good morning, Internet…

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