Bulgaria Super 8 Movies, Greether Tour Guides, Brave Browser, More: Monday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, May 15, 2023


Vij! (Bulgaria): “Kino Club Super 8” digitizes old home movies and they’ll tell you why “For the team behind the project, the preservation of found family movies and amateur footage is a way to access authentic stories – and authentic history.”

KCAL: On Your Side: Greether pairs female travelers with local women as guides. “A new website aims to make women feel safer when traveling alone, or in a country they’re unfamiliar with. Women are more likely than men to travel alone, but that can come with risks. The website Greether aims to empower more women to go solo and do it safely.”


PC World: Brave’s ‘Forgetful Browsing’ mode blocks first-party tracking. “‘Forgetful Browsing,’ introduced in the latest desktop and Android versions of the browser, automatically logs you out of sites once you close the tab or the browser. This is a more granular security setting than totally clearing history and cookies, as it can be enabled for the web in general or specific sites.”

Ars Technica: Musk loses free speech court battle; SEC can keep pre-screening Tesla tweets. “Under the agreement, Tesla’s general counsel or an in-house securities lawyer must pre-approve Musk’s tweets whenever the Tesla CEO discusses Tesla’s financial condition, potential mergers, production numbers or sales, new or proposed business lines, unpublished projections or forecasts or estimates, and other terms. A majority of shareholders can also stop Musk from tweeting about any topic they believe would move the market and potentially threaten their interests.”


CBS News: What happens to your social media when you die? Millennials face digital end-of-life planning . “When you think about end-of-life planning, having a well thought out plan for how you want your social media accounts handled may not have been a popular topic in the past. But for millennials, it’s a new thought process: Who controls your social media when you’re gone?”

Bloomberg: ChatGPT misidentifies digital minister pushing AI use in Japan. “ChatGPT failed to correctly identify digital minister Taro Kono, even as he advocates for more use of artificial intelligence to help overcome labor shortages caused by a population decline.”


Washington Post: IRS tests free e-filing system that could compete with tax prep giants . “The Internal Revenue Service has quietly built its own prototype system to allow Americans to file tax returns digitally and free of charge, according to three current and former agency officials, essentially creating government software that could disrupt the tax-prep industry.”

New York Times: Ex-ByteDance Executive Accuses Company of ‘Lawlessness’. “The former executive sued ByteDance, which owns TikTok, for wrongful termination and accused the company of lifting content from rivals and ‘supreme access’ by the Chinese Communist Party.”

Portland Press Herald: Lawmakers considering proposals to create statewide database for General Assistance. “Maine lawmakers are considering two proposals that would create a statewide database for tracking information on the General Assistance program. The idea is included in both L.D. 1426 and L.D. 1732 as part of larger proposals to reform the program, which has seen an increased demand in the last few years to help meet basic needs such as food, housing and medical care for those who would otherwise be without.”


The Irish Times: IT Sunday: Last Thursday we fell victim to a deliberate deception. We don’t take this lightly. “Less than 24 hours after publication on our digital platforms, The Irish Times became aware that the column may not have been genuine. That prompted us to remove it from the site and to initiate a review, which is ongoing. It now appears that the article and the accompanying byline photo may have been produced, at least in part, using generative AI technology. It was a hoax; the person we were corresponding with was not who they claimed to be. We had fallen victim to a deliberate and coordinated deception.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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