Medieval and Renaissance Women, National Virtual Climate Laboratory, Google, More: Tuesday Evening ResearchBuzz, May 16, 2023


British Library Medieval Manuscripts Blog: Medieval and Renaissance Women: full list of the charters and rolls. “… we are thrilled to release a list of all the rolls and charters digitised as part of our Medieval and Renaissance Women project. There are 25 rolls and 219 charters in total, in addition to the 93 manuscript volumes that we announced in a previous blogpost.”

US Department of Energy: New DOE Portal Connects Researchers and Students with Climate Science and Training Opportunities . “The National Virtual Climate Laboratory (NVCL), a comprehensive web portal for climate science projects funded by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science’s Biological and Environmental Research (BER) program, is now available…. Portal users will be able to find a wide range of national laboratory experts, programs, projects, activities, and user facilities that are engaged in climate research across the BER portfolio.”


Reuters: Google to delete inactive accounts starting December. “Alphabet Inc’s Google on Tuesday said it would delete accounts that had remained unused for two years starting December, in a bid to prevent security threats including hacks.”

Engadget: Pocket users can now create multiple collections of articles, videos and websites. “Read-it-later service Pocket has unveiled some new features, including the option to create private lists of saved articles, videos and websites. Pocket Lists are only available in the US on the web for now, but the feature will be available globally starting next month and on mobile later this year.”


Lifehacker: Make AI Do the Hard Parts of Spreadsheets for You. “AI is coming to your spreadsheet apps from the top-down: Microsoft is currently testing Copilot, its AI-integration assistant, in all of its Microsoft 365 apps. Google is working on integrating AI tool to Sheets, starting with Workspace accounts over the next few months. However, these tools aren’t here yet, so we currently need to rely on third-party creations to add a little artificial intelligence to our workflow.”


Times of Israel: Israel accuses Elon Musk of stoking antisemitism on Twitter after anti-Soros remark. ”
Israel’s Foreign Ministry on Tuesday accused Twitter owner Elon Musk of driving up antisemitic rhetoric on his social media platform in the wake of a remark he made against Jewish philanthropist George Soros.”


Associated Press: US announces criminal cases involving flow of technology, information to Russia, China and Iran. “The Justice Department announced a series of criminal cases Tuesday tracing the illegal flow of sensitive technology, including Apple’s software code for self-driving cars and materials used for missiles, to foreign adversaries like Russia, China and Iran.”


Newswise: Smartphone Use Goes Up in City Parks, But Down in Forests. “The new research, which tracked the smartphone activity of 700 study participants for two years, reveals that participants’ smartphone activity actually increased during visits to city parks and other urban green spaces…. participants who visited nature reserves or forests saw significant declines in screen time over the first three hours, compared to visiting urban locations for the same amount of time.”

CNBC: Google Cloud launches A.I.-powered tools to accelerate drug discovery, precision medicine. “Google Cloud on Tuesday launched two new AI-powered tools that aim to help biotech and pharmaceutical companies accelerate drug discovery and advance precision medicine.” Good evening, Internet…

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