Economics Observatory Data Hub, Writing/Coding Analysis, ChatGPT, More: Saturday ResearchBuzz, May 20, 2023


The Economics Observatory: The Economics Observatory’s new Data Hub: a user’s guide. “We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Data Hub. The new tool is demand-driven, which means it’s all about you, the users. We have built two powerful and connected tools: a unified API that funnels live data from a range of national and international sources; and a chart-building workshop, where you can customise your visualisations.” Very polished, very easy to use, very impressive!

UMSL Daily: Badri Adhikari develops new online tool to help writers and coders gain insight into their writing process. “Process Feedback, a tool developed by Badri Adhikari, an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Missouri–St. Louis, captures the work of a writer or coder as they are in the process of producing it and can provide them with analysis in charts and graphs to help them better visualize and understand how they went about performing the work and any patterns that exist.” I did not test the tool but I looked at a sample report and HOLY MACKEREL. The reports tell you things like how often you were typing versus inactive and, when active, what your average typing speed was. I do not have room to describe all the charts.


NBC News: New York City public schools remove ChatGPT ban. “New York City’s Department of Education will rescind its ban on the wildly popular chatbot ChatGPT — which some worried could inspire more student cheating — from its schools’ devices and networks. The news comes several months after the initial ban was announced.”

Mashable: Piracy-loving Twitter Blue users exploit new 2-hour video limit. “Twitter users have long been able to upload short, minutes-long videos. But, since Musk came along and acquired Twitter, longform has become a priority on a platform where shortform content reigns supreme. Twitter users that subscribe to Twitter Blue for $8 per month can now write tweets 10,000 characters long, far beyond that of the normal 280 character limit. And, as of Thursday, Twitter Blue subscribers can now upload long videos too. How long? two hours-long.”


NYLON: Are ‘Core Trends Destroying Our Sense Of Personal Style?. “The pressure to look a certain way to garner likes and engagement via algorithm-driven trends on social media is at its peak. As a result, personal style is suffering.”

9to5 Mac: Apple shares its first ‘App Store Transparency Report’ with data on app rejections, gov requests, more. “Earlier this week, Apple shared an in-depth look at how the App Store helped prevent fraud and protect developers and customers alike. Now, the company has shared more details in what it’s calling the ‘2022 App Store Transparency Report.’ This report offers granular information on app removals and appeals, developer account terminations, government requests for app takedowns, and more.”


San Francisco Chronicle: S.F. opens Twitter probe after Elon Musk’s team accused of breaking laws. “San Francisco officials are opening a new investigation aimed at Twitter’s Mid-Market headquarters after an explosive lawsuit from former senior employees alleged numerous instances where members of owner Elon Musk’s team knowingly broke local and federal laws. The six former employees say Twitter didn’t pay promised severance and that Musk’s team instructed staff to disable lights and install locks that wouldn’t open during an emergency at employee bedrooms at 1355 Market St., violating building codes.”

CBS News: Rep. Eric Swalwell says former 49ers fullback Bruce Miller threatened him on social media. “California Rep. Eric Swalwell has reported former San Francisco 49ers fullback Bruce Miller to the Capitol Police after he says Miller threatened him on social media. On Wednesday, the Democratic congressman from Dublin shared a screenshot of a direct message he says he received from Miller. The post said, ‘Almost time!!! Would you rather Guantanamo or just execution’ followed by laugh emojis.”

CryptoPotato: FTX Seeks to Claw Back $250M From SBF and Execs in New Lawsuit. “Bankrupt cryptocurrency entities FTX, FTX.US, and Alameda Research have filed a lawsuit against former executives Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), Nishad Singh, and Gary Wang for lavishly spending FTX Group’s assets on the acquisition of stock clearing firm Embed Financial Technologies. The move is the first formal action from FTX CEO John Ray against the company’s former management. The lawsuit, filed in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware, seeks to claw back the funds spent during the acquisition.”


USC News: AI helps place drones in remote areas for faster emergency response . “USC researchers are exploring the use of AI-powered decision-making to deploy life-saving equipment in data-scarce settings like rural neighborhoods to enable faster emergency response times, improve the design of emergency response systems and potentially save lives. Results from a recent study show the potential for AI to help emergency responders make informed and efficient decisions in settings where data is limited.”

Phys .org: The importance of social media in corporate social responsibility. “A new study by Dr. Lucie Kvasničková Stanislavská from Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague, has found that social media is an increasingly important tool for companies to communicate their corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts.”

Nature: Why AI’s diversity crisis matters, and how to tackle it. “Artificial intelligence (AI) is facing a diversity crisis. If it isn’t addressed promptly, flaws in the working culture of AI will perpetuate biases that ooze into the resulting technologies, which will exclude and harm entire groups of people. On top of that, the resulting ‘intelligence’ will be flawed, lacking varied social-emotional and cultural knowledge.” Good morning, Internet…

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