Oklahoma Veterans, Stamps Across the Pacific, WordPress, More: Monday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, May 22, 2023


News 9 (Oklahoma): New Service Helps Connect Veterans & Families Statewide. “The non-profit based in Owasso started a new website … to help veterans find events or programs to support them in Oklahoma. Any organization or person can submit an event that is taking place near their area for free.”

Smithsonian: Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum Launches New Virtual Exhibition. “The exhibition showcases the diversity and cultural significance of Asian, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander American communities in the United States through the medium of postage stamps. It features every U.S. Postal Service-issued stamp commemorating their unique histories, identities and contributions to American culture.”


WordPress: A Tour of the All-New Stats Page. “In recent weeks, you may have seen a redesigned Stats page on your dashboard. This all-new Stats experience enhances your ability to analyze and optimize your site’s content. We’ve restructured the layout in a friendlier way, introduced new modules that reveal crucial data points, and revamped the overall look of this powerful analytics tool.”


Popular Science: Social media posts are better with music. Here’s how to add your favorite tunes.. “The era of recording mixtapes and burning CDs for friends and family has passed by, so you’ll have to get creative if you want to share the latest track or artist you’re excited about. One of your options is social media. You can share music on Instagram or have your pick from the TikTok music selection with only a few taps.”


ProPublica: ProPublica Partner Sues Mississippi County for Blocking Access to Search Warrants. “A joint investigation found that many Mississippi courts thwart public scrutiny of search warrants. Experts say that violates long-standing norms of public access and the state’s public records law.”

Hong Kong Free Press: Hong Kong doxxing site targeting journalists, activists still online almost 2 years after authorities alerted. “A doxxing website targeting thousands of journalists and pro-democracy activists remains online almost two years after HKFP alerted the authorities to its existence with media enquires, and over 18 months since Hong Kong enacted an anti-doxxing law.”


University of Amsterdam: Grant for research project on Conversational AI. “Researchers Mohammad Alian Nejadi and Evangelos Kanoulas of the IRLab of the Informatics Institute received a grant of €250.000 for the Personality And Conversational INformatiOn Access (PACINO) project. The purpose is to help users with diverse background and potential mental disorders by building an intelligent conversational system that takes into account both the user’s need and personality.”

Illinois News Bureau: Viral videos about private moments may affect offline relationships. “When individuals share videos about surprise reunions with their intimate partners on the internet, the reaction from viewers may not be the roses and unicorns the posters expected. Viewers’ responses to shared videos have the potential to shape offline relationships, a case study of one such video found.”

Washington University in St. Louis: Data from wearables could be a boon to mental health diagnosis. “Depression and anxiety are among the most common mental health disorders in the United States, but more than half of people struggling with the conditions are not diagnosed and treated. Hoping to find simple ways to detect such disorders, mental health professionals are considering the role of popular wearable fitness monitors in providing data that could alert wearers to potential health risks.”


Tom’s Hardware: Raspberry Pi Pico Piano Helper Lights Up Keys to Teach Songs. “You can learn a lot about tinkering with microelectronics, but now, thanks to Adrian Cruceru’s latest Raspberry Pi project, you can use microelectronics to learn how to play the piano. A Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller drives his RP2040 Piano helper project and can be programmed to help students learn any song they like. Just follow the LEDs and press the corresponding key to play new songs on the fly.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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