Prompt Engineering, Malta Ship Graffiti, Flipboard, More: Tuesday Evening ResearchBuzz, May 23, 2023


TNW: OpenAI is offering a free class in prompt engineering for devs. “As with all skills, prompt engineering takes practice. And, seeing how quickly this technology has come into mainstream use, experts are few and far between. But one AI company is offering free training right now. A short course in prompt engineering has been developed in partnership with OpenAI and is available via the DeepLearning.AI website.”

Times of Malta: Heritage Malta launches website on historic ship graffiti. “The platform serves both as a digital archive and an educational resource, providing enthusiasts, historians, and the public with an unprecedented opportunity to explore and understand the graffiti. The site houses a vast collection of images, in-depth descriptions, and historical context for various ship graffiti discovered in Malta and Gozo.” This is graffiti OF ships, not graffiti ON ships.


TechCrunch: Flipboard becomes first app to support Bluesky, Mastodon and Pixelfed all in one place. “Social magazine app Flipboard is continuing its investment in the federated social web with today’s news that it’s integrating with decentralized social networks Bluesky and Pixelfed.”

Engadget: LinkedIn starts rolling out new verification and anti-scam features. “After previewing new verification features last month, LinkedIn is now rolling them out to give job-seekers confidence that they’re dealing with real companies and jobs. At the same time, the work-oriented social media site has introduced warnings for messages that may look like scams. The latter feature arrives amidst a spate of fake accounts on the site, according to LinkedIn’s latest transparency report.”


WCMH: Ohio farmer known for ‘It ain’t much, but it’s honest work’ meme dies at 76. “An Ohio farmer known by many through a meme has died, but not without leaving behind a legacy in the agricultural world alongside his internet fame.” Read about this guy, he was all about soil science and no-till agriculture.

MIT Technology Review: How to preserve your digital memories. “I recently published a short story about new policies recently announced by Google and Twitter that allow the companies to remove inactive accounts. Google said the decision was based on security concerns, and experts I spoke with said that these sorts of policies are likely to become the norm. It got me thinking about my own email records, and the systems that we have—or, more precisely, don’t have—for preserving our digital lives.”


Associated Press: Comedian Uncle Roger silenced on Chinese social media after jokes about China. “A Malaysian comedian better known for mocking attempts by Western chefs at Asian cooking has had his Chinese social media account suspended after making jokes about China. Nigel Ng, who uses the name Uncle Roger, is the latest comedian to feel the consequences of jokes that could be perceived as reflecting negatively on China under increasingly intense censorship and rising nationalism.”


PsyPost: Social media dependency is linked to a reduced preference for freedom, study finds. “Social media dependency is associated with a reduced preference for freedom, according to new research published in Psychological Reports. The study suggests that people who are heavily dependent on social media may use it as a way to escape from the uncertainties and challenges of the real world.”

Mirage News: Survey: 7 in 10 Parents Say Social Media Image Editing Apps Negatively Affect Children’s Body Image. “According to a new national survey conducted online by The Harris Poll on behalf of The On Our Sleeves Movement For Children’s Mental Health, 69% of parents of children younger than 18 think social media image editing apps and filters have a negative influence on their child(ren)’s body image.”


Slashgear: This Awesome Raspberry Pi Project Can Track The International Space Station . “Around the web, there are various tools that allow users to track the International Space Station’s orbit. The European Space Agency, for instance, shows the station’s approximate location, as well as where it was 90 minutes back and where it will be an hour and a half in the future. An enterprising Raspberry Pi user, however, has been able to emulate the effect of this high-tech software using a humble ePaper display and some Python coding.” Good evening, Internet…

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